March 16, 2009

2nd Generation Of Microsoft’s Surface In The Works

It was announced at the South by Southwest Festival that the second generation of Microsoft's Surface computing device is only two or three years away. Creator Joe Olsen stated that the contrivance is only in the development phase.

"They haven't even got to point where they are going to commercialize," he said.

Chris Bernard, user experience chair for Microsoft, did not authenticate a release date for the gadget.

Surface is a multi-touch computer likened to a table, complete with a flat screen that can "read" gestures and print material loaded onto in, pulled from the five cameras within the device.

Called the Second Light, the Surface 2 will surpass the original representation with an additional projector located in the table computer that can emit images above the screen's surface.

Basically, the computer will superimpose secondary images on top of those found on the screen. The device will detect touch and movement without having any physical contact.

The Microsoft staff at Redmond told Olsen that the device was still in development at the Research and Development.

Erik Klimczak, head of creativity at Clarity Consulting, anticipates that the next generation will also have high-definition cameras.

"Right now they are limited to how much detail they can pick up," he said to BBC News.

Gadgets like the Surface and the iPhone are leading the way we cooperate with computers.

"Everything is moving to touch and multi-touch so you had better jump on that bandwagon," Klimczak noted.


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