Sharpcast’s Popular Mobile Software, SugarSync, Now Available on the BlackBerry

March 26, 2009

Only Company to Offer Sync, Store, Share, and Edit Features on BlackBerry

SAN MATEO, Calif., March 26 /PRNewswire/ — Sharpcast, Inc. today launched a public beta of SugarSync for BlackBerry(R), its popular mobile solution for syncing, sharing, accessing and storing data between a BlackBerry, the Internet, and other computing devices. The new application is available for download today at www.sugarsync.com/BlackBerry

With this latest release, SugarSync now offers the broadest mobile device coverage for file synchronization — supporting BlackBerry, Apple iPhone, and Windows Mobile platforms. Sharpcast is the only company in this application category to offer support for BlackBerry devices. Combined with the existing laptop, PC and netbook support, SugarSync continues to evolve as a flexible, complete solution for always-connected consumers and busy professionals trying to organize, manage and access all their data across many digital devices.

SugarSync for BlackBerry is the ultimate mobile application for people on the go. Using the BlackBerry, all files and folders can be remotely accessed from home or office PCs / Macs and shared with friends and colleagues. In addition, many file types can be edited in real-time from the BlackBerry* and synced back to the Internet and other devices. Snap photos from the BlackBerry phone and sync and share them instantly.

“Three years ago, the BlackBerry was primarily an email appliance and cell phone, and the iPhone didn’t even exist. Today, these devices are essentially mini computers,” said Laura Yecies, chief executive officer at Sharpcast. “What’s the point of all that power without all your data at your fingertips? SugarSync for BlackBerry is ideal for professionals who want to stay connected to critical files and collaborate on time sensitive projects. Now, the device often affectionately called the ‘Crackberry’ will become all the more addictive.”

About SugarSync for BlackBerry

Now BlackBerry users have the same broad set of features that other SugarSync users enjoy along with an additional new real-time editing feature. The editing feature works on newer BlackBerrys. With the document editor and SugarSync, you can access your synced files, edit them *on* your Blackberry, and sync them back to your other PCs, the cloud, and/or share them with colleagues.

Features Include

  • Remote file access and editing: Retrieve and upload files stored on other computers and the Internet (including Microsoft Office docs, music, videos, and more). Access files and edit them on the BlackBerry. Note: May require a BlackBerry document editor.*
  • On-demand synchronization: SugarSync will detect the file changes and edits and present the opportunity to upload revisions back to the cloud (and to multiple synced computers).
  • Shared Folders: Send files and folders of any size to anyone via an email sent directly from the BlackBerry, and collaborate on projects through a Web-based Shared Folder (also available on the BlackBerry).
  • Powerful Photo Features: Easy browsing with a thumbnail wall display of photo albums, enjoy detail with high resolution photo viewing, and directly upload and sync photos taken with the integrated BlackBerry camera.

Pricing and Availability

SugarSync for the BlackBerry comes with a 45-day free trial. Paid plans begin as low as $4.99 per month. For more information, please go to www.sugarsync.com.

SugarSync for the BlackBerry is available to download now at www.sugarsync.com/BlackBerry

*Note: Mobile file editing is currently limited to certain file types. Supported files require a separate document editor (pre-loaded on newer BlackBerry devices). BlackBerry devices without the editor still have full access to their documents in read-only format.

About Sharpcast, Inc.

Sharpcast, Inc. is a pioneer in online data back-up/storage, synchronization and file sharing. With its flagship SugarSync service, Sharpcast helps people easily manage computer files and media such as photos and videos, and ensure that everything is accessible and available anytime, anywhere from any device (desktops, laptops, mobile devices or even securely through the Internet from any PC). The company was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in San Mateo, California. For more information please visit: www.sharpcast.com.

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