March 26, 2009

Asia Will Dominate Mobile Broadband Market

A report said Thursday, that broadband-service providers will see their revenue from mobile service jump to $137 billion worldwide by 2014, up from 2008 by 450 percent.

However, industry consulting firm Ovum said that the number of mobile broadband users will likely outpace revenue growth as competition drives prices lower and because most of the new clients will come from less wealthy users in emerging markets.

The number of mobile broadband users should top two billion in 2014, up over 1,000 percent from 181 million in 2008, with the Asia Pacific emerging as a key driver, it said.

"The most aggressive growth comes from emerging markets, where the unavailability of fixed broadband offers a major opportunity for mobile broadband players," the consultancy said in its latest research.

Forty percent of total mobile laptop users will come from the Asia Pacific region by 2014, because of the increasing usage in China and India, the world's two most populated nations, it said.

But, Ovum also said that handsets are likely to continue to dominate the market for mobile Internet access compared with laptops.

There will be 325 million handset users against 52.5 million laptop users by 2013 in China alone, it said.


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