Portage Communications Releases AgentTime(TM) Version 4.0 With Flex Shift(TM) Optimization

April 6, 2009

SANDPOINT, Idaho, April 6 /PRNewswire/ — Portage Communications has announced immediate availability of the highly anticipated Version 4.0 of its very successful AgentTime(TM) Scheduler and supporting suite of call center workforce management software. AgentTime remains the lowest-cost and most effective workforce management solution for optimizing agent schedules in small to medium sized inbound and blended call centers.

Portage’s new Flex Shift(TM) technology creates unparalleled optimization of agents’ schedules for the required staffing levels of inbound or blended call centers. A unique multi-pass algorithm transforms the already efficient schedules made by AgentTime and then fine-tunes them, time-period by time-period, to assign agents on and off phone duty as needed for maximum utilization.

“Our workforce management products have been recognized as industry standards for many years. Now, with AgentTime 4.0, we’ve made a giant step beyond what we’ve done before in optimized agent scheduling,” remarked Portage President Stuart Harris. “Recently, attempts at copying our designs have been made in the industry, and while we are surely flattered by imitation, this very latest approach to fine-tuning schedules with our Flex Shift concept is a quantum leap in call center agent scheduling. It’s also an exciting new application for centers that must quickly blend inbound calling with outbound calls, email and other scheduled tasks.”

The new version is available for free to current users of AgentTime. Pricing for new users is still only $3,900.00 to $9,900.00 depending on call center size, and multi-site installations may receive even lower pricing. Portage gives customers free upgrades to all new versions, free customer support, and charges no ongoing fees. As always, Portage’s Erlang-C based Call Center Designer(TM) staffing tool, and SimACD(TM) — the industry’s most accurate tool for simulating the call-flow dynamics of an automatic call distributor — are included free with AgentTime.

Portage Communications, Inc. was founded in 1994 with the invention of innovative autodialing, and inbound call center software applications. Portage has distributed thousands of copies of its call center software products, Call Center Designer, SimACD, and AgentTime Scheduler to call centers worldwide. Portage specializes in affordable workforce management solutions that are easy to learn, intuitive, and flexible in their use.

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