Pericom Reaches New Signal Integrity Benchmarks for PCI Express and Serial ATA Protocols

April 7, 2009

New Serial ATA ReDriver(TM) Optimizes Signals with Better Configuration and Capability, and PCI-SIG(R) Awards First PCIe(R) 2.0 Certification for Signal Integrity to Pericom’s ReDriver(TM)

BEIJING, April 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ – Intel Developer’s Forum — Pericom Semiconductor Corporation (Nasdaq: PSEM), a worldwide preferred supplier of products for timing, signal conditioning and serial connectivity, today announced in conjunction with the Intel Developer’s Forum, Beijing, China, a new family of enhanced Serial ATA (SATA-2) signal conditioning products for connecting external SATA 3Gb/s HDD within PC, notebook, digital set top box and server systems. Pericom’s PCIe 2.0 ReDriver also became the first signal conditioner to pass the PCI-SIG (PCI Special Interest Group) plug fest’s rigorous interoperability testing, and was awarded with certification and acceptance to their Integrator List. Both SATA-2 and PCIe 2.0 ReDrivers are shipping in high-growth notebook and blade-server market segments.

The new SATA-2 ReDrivers are 1-port SATA-2 ReDriver ICs that connect a hard disk drive (HDD) across long cable or PCB traces, internally or externally to the host system. The three new products offer unique configuration technology and capability. The PI3EQX3851 and PI3EQX4951 allow continuously variable analog adjustment of key parameters for signal optimization. Input equalization can be adjusted for optimum data recovery under different trace/cable/connector configurations.

“The market growth for eSATA ports has more than doubled year to year for volume notebook and PC platforms (Gartner Reports, August 2008)”, said Ken Curt, Pericom’s product marketing manager for Serial ATA products. “Our SATA ReDrivers are designed into the majority of these platforms, confirming our performance and reliability, and our latest ReDrivers take these advantages even further.”

Pericom also recently earned PCI-SIG Integrator’s List certification for its PI2EQX5804 PCIe 2.0 ReDriver, the first signal conditioning IC to do so. The product was in full compliance with all the PCIe product platforms during the stringent interoperability testing which demonstrates the ability to ‘plug and play’ with other vendor products/systems under PCI-SIG standards. “This PCI-SIG certification confirms the successful adoption of our PCIe 2.0 ReDriver family, especially across our blade-server market-segment customers”, said Bill Weir, senior director of marketing, Connect Products Group. “Our PCIe-certified signal integrity solutions are the ‘defacto’ signal conditioner for blade servers: the ReDriver directly addresses long PCB backplane and multi-connector signal integrity issues of top-tier blade server vendors.” Blade servers are a fast-growing segment with almost 20% compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) – twice the growth rate of the overall sever market (Gartner Reports, August 2008).

PI3EQX3811, PI3EQX3851, PI3EQX4951 SATA-2 ReDriver Key Features

  • 1-port SATA-2 differential signal conditioning at 3.0Gbps, enables reliable communication over long cables and FR4 traces
  • Configurable receiver equalization, provides optimal recovery of low-level, noisy signals
  • Configurable transmitter amplitude and emphasis (analog and digital options), allows optimized pre-compensation of the output signal for maximum trace/cable lengths
  • 3.3V operation (1.5-1.8V option on PI3EQX3851) with low power stand-by modes minimize power requirements

PI2EQX5804, PI2EQX5864 PCIe 2.0 ReDriver Key Features

  • Supports 4 lanes (8 differential channels) of PCIe 2.0 5Gbps Interface
  • Pin strapped or I2C configuration for Tx and Rx equalization settings
  • Configurable Receiver Equalization, transmitter amplitude and de-emphasis, and variable input and output termination
  • Single supply voltage at 1.2V minimizes power requirements
  • Available in space-saving 100-pin LBGA (5804) or 56-pad TQFN (5864) packages

Pricing & Availability

PI3EQX3811, PI3EQX3851 and PI3EQX4951 are available now and are offered in 20-pad, Pb-free & Green packaging. Suggested OEM pricing is $0.85 @ 10Ku.

PI2EQX5804 and PI2EQX5864 are available now in Pb free & Green packaging. Suggested OEM retail pricing for 10Ku quantity: 5804 = $7.55, 5864 = 7.25.

Press Graphics

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About Pericom:

Pericom Semiconductor Corporation (Nasdaq: PSEM) enables serial connectivity solutions for the computing, communications and consumer markets. Pericom’s analog, digital and mixed-signal integrated circuits and its SaRonix-eCera(TM) frequency control products are essential in the timing, switching, bridging and conditioning of high-speed signals required by today’s high-speed, high-bandwidth applications. Company headquarters are in San Jose, California, with design centers and technical sales and support offices around the world.


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    SATA-2 refers to SATA 3Gb/s nomenclature as defined by SATA-IO
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