April 11, 2009

Microsoft Breaches Anti-Trust Laws In Germany

Antitrust regulators said that Microsoft is illegally influencing retail prices for its Office 2007 programs.

The Antitrust regulators are also fining Microsoft Corp.'s German subsidiary $11.8 million.

Germany's economic regulatory body, The Bundeskartellamt, said that an undisclosed retailer worked with Microsoft to set the price of Microsoft's Office Home and Student 2007 software packages before the companies jointly launched an ad campaign.

"Not every contact between supplier and retailer regarding resale prices constitutes an illegal concerted practice," the German group said in the statement, but such communication can't lead to agreement about the retailer's future actions. "In the present case, this boundary has been crossed."

Microsoft said that it is willing to comply with German regulations.

"We will use this case as an opportunity to review our internal commercial processes and ensure that we are in full compliance with German law," a Microsoft statement said.


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