VisualAPL Brings Dynamically-Typed, Array-Based Programming to .NET Using Microsoft VS 2008

April 14, 2009

VisualAPL produces fully-managed .NET assemblies and is interoperable with any .NET language.

BRIELLE, N.J., April 14 /PRNewswire/ — APLNext today announced the release of VisualAPL for VS2008, a dynamically-typed, array-based, object-oriented programming language to exploit the combined power of APL and Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 on the .NET platform. VisualAPL enables domain experts to rapidly build sophisticated application systems, is fully compliant with ISO/IEC 13751, the international standard for APL array-based languages, and is integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.

With its elegant object-oriented, array-based design, VisualAPL is the ideal choice for building a wide range of high-performance applications and components for financial, scientific, engineering and business purposes. VisualAPL brings the mathematical strength of APL to the .Net universe, to accomplish more with fewer lines of code and intuitive functional and algorithmic methodology. VisualAPL builds on skills that many domain experts, application programmers and technical organizations have already developed, enabling reduced time-to-market for critical applications and reduced development, testing and maintenance costs.

Founded in 2005, APLNext LLC provides programming tools, consulting services and Internet technologies for personal, technical and business computing. APLNext products are distributed exclusively by APLNow LLC, dba APL2000.

                  For an overview of VisualAPL go to:


         Download a full-featured, evaluation version of VisualAPL at:


Also included in the VisualAPL product installation is the Cielo Explorer which provides a visual, immediate-mode, interactive session to explore C#, .Net and VisualAPL. To see some Cielo Explorer examples go to: http://forum.apl2000.com/viewtopic.php?p=1665#1665.

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