Lumeta IPsonar Combines Powerful Network Discovery and Mapping Capabilities to Provide Rich Data on all Network Devices

April 15, 2009

Searchable, Interactive Map Includes Device Types, Vendors, Model Numbers, Operating System Versions and Application-layer Visibility; Filters can be Applied on the fly, Allowing Users to Quickly Focus on key Areas of Risk.

SOMERSET, N.J., April 15 /PRNewswire/ — Lumeta Corporation today announced that the latest release of IPsonar(R), the most widely deployed network discovery and mapping solution for large organizations, now provides enhanced, rich data on all networked devices. IPsonar now delivers a uniquely comprehensive data set on all devices at the network and transport levels, in addition to providing application-layer visibility. This network visibility allows network managers to quickly diagnose issues based on the true, discovered state of the network.

The combination of network visibility features provides users with powerful network discovery capabilities that can greatly improve the success of initiatives like cybersecurity programs, large-scale network consolidations, mergers and acquisitions, control system security, IT asset management, and CMDB rollouts.

Lumeta has also completely redesigned the user and mapping visualization interface, unifying the mapping capability that powered the Internet Mapping Project with enhanced device discovery scanning, creating a single, feature-rich platform. The interface allows users to interact with the data in a graphical format, enabling enterprises and government organizations to navigate the complex relationships between networked devices. For instance, users can now search the map for specific devices and applications and apply filters on the fly to the discovered data in order to focus in on key areas of risk.

With IPsonar’s global network visibility, users now have an even greater level of detailed information on network and transport layer devices, including device type, vendor, model number, and OS version, all of which can be transmitted to network management and patch management tools. The product ships with a pre-configured library of more than 150 vendors, dozens of devices types, and common operating systems and OS versions, all regularly refreshed through a live update feature. Customers can also enhance or customize this library easily to suit their individual infrastructure.

With IPsonar, IT management can easily answer questions such as:

  • Are unmanaged wireless access points deployed in the network?
  • Which devices on the network need to be patched against a particular vulnerability?
  • How are control system devices connected to the corporate network?
  • How many IP phones are in the network and what is the Vendor and model number?

“It is impossible to protect network elements if you can’t see where they sit on the network, how they are connected, and what their characteristics are,” said Michael Markulec, chief operating officer at Lumeta. “With these enhancements to IPsonar, large organizations have at their disposal a unique tool that combines advanced device discovery with powerful networking discovery capabilities. This gives them a complete view of every device on their networks, even those not currently under management. IT personnel can visualize the complex relationships between devices, as well as specific details, such as what version of an OS they’re running, and gain up-to-date information on infrastructure dependency while discovering and mapping the complex relationships between network devices.”

Lumeta IPsonar’s latest version is available immediately. Pricing for a typical deployment starts at around $75,000, however pricing is dependent on the size and complexity of the network.

About Lumeta Corporation

Lumeta empowers large enterprise and government agencies with global network visibility, allowing them to understand how network change affects security, availability, and compliance.

Lumeta’s IPsonar is the industry’s only network assurance solution that discovers and maps every asset on a network, including assets not currently under management. This capability enables IT professionals to analyze the connectivity between assets and networks, uncover risk patterns, and automate the enforcement of network policies.

With this level of network assurance, IT organizations can harden security, improve business continuity, and deploy new services without impacting its ability to deliver existing services.

For more information, visit the Lumeta Web site at www.lumeta.com.

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