Snob Girls(TM) Professionnelles Launches its 100% Free Series(TM) Human & Eco-Friendly Hair & Skin Care Line Conveniently Packaged in One Bottle to Target-Treat from Head to Toe

April 16, 2009

MONTREAL, April 16 /PRNewswire/ — Snob Girls Professionnelles is proud to announce the launch of its 100% Free Series(TM) Hair & Skin care line, designed with your health and beauty in mind. This new Eco-friendly line features five regimens of cleansers, rebalancing creams, leave-in bio-serums and weekly shock treatments, scientifically formulated to address common hair and skin concerns.

While banning over 25 harsh ingredients commonly found in hair, skin and cosmetics products, each product is formulated with the latest development in skin care, pharmaceutical and nutritional research. Each product regimen is indeed equally beneficial for hair, scalp, face and all over the body.

Unlike traditional and sulfate-based cleansers, our pure mild cleansing systems, derived naturally from coconut, gently cleanse without the risk of altering, breaking, eroding or stripping the natural lipids, essential hydration, natural vital protections of hair and the collagen found naturally in normal skin.

Patent pending biopeptides are pure sequential peptides depicting similar protein fragment structures of normal hair and healthy skin. Their microscopic dimensions allow their diffusion to the targeted fragilized zones of hair, scalp and skin. They help to fortify, repair, strengthen, protect and densify the protein content of hair. They help trigger new collagen production for a smooth, supple and normal healthy scalp and skin.

TruHydrolipidic Guard(TM) system helps maintain, protect, nourish, repair and rebuild skin, scalp and hair natural hydrolipidic protective barrier; and helps restore the normal physiological pH for optimal natural defense against harsh conditions, sulfates, toxins, pollution and the daily environmental assaults. It helps provide long-lasting hydration and relief of the symptoms associated with skin irritation.

TruColour Guard(TM) Anti-fading system helps prevent the premature degradation of proteins, lipids, natural hair colour pigments and hair dyes of colour treated hair for ultra-long lasting tru-colours and radiance.

“With the introduction of this next generation of 100% Free Series(TM) quality products, we are further extending our lead in this emerging niche market and technologies. Being able to scientifically combine and understand the benefits of skin care and hair care with a sense of pharmaceutical and nutritional science, this allowed us to merge the conventional three distinct categories of Hair, Skin and Bath & Body, into one single ‘NEW MEGA-CATEGORY’ of products which treat from head to toe. This creates significant opportunities for Snob Girls Professionnelles to further expand in this category and venture in other market venues where science, nature creativity and fashion can lead to new accomplishments,” said Don Paris, Procure Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer.

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SOURCE Procure Inc.

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