April 17, 2009

Sony Ericsson Developing Android Phone

Sony Ericsson's chief executive said on Friday that the company is taking time to develop a phone using Google's Android operating system. 

Most cell phone companies are spilling out phones using the software in hopes to benefit from the high demand, but Sony Ericsson said it would take some time before offering its own.  The company declined to say when it would be available.

"It does require a lot of evaluation, as well as a lot of testing, a lot of acceptance from a consumer viewpoint, and there is still some time to go," Chief Executive Hideki Komiyama told Reuters in an interview.

"Looking ahead I think that we see this as one of the important operating systems, there is no doubt," he said.

Sony Ericsson has decided to use three different operating systems in its high-end phones, including Symbian, Android and Microsoft's Windows Mobile.

"Our focus is on how can we differentiate from the competitors using the same operating system," Komiyama said, adding the firm was focusing its investments on user experience and user interface.

Sony Ericsson said in a report released on Friday that the company suffered a deep loss for the January-March quarter, and they are going to cut about 20 percent of jobs to return help return profit.


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