April 21, 2009

Cisco Offering Security Products

On Tuesday, Cisco Systems Inc. introduced new network security products to help protect Web-based software and services from attacks on consumer networks.

Big companies are moving a lot of their software and services online, trends often called "cloud computing" and "software as a service," to help users communicate and share information.

These services help companies use less space and computer power, and are delivered through data centers.  But, worries about viruses and external attacks on corporate data and computer systems have been an obstacle to greater adoption, due to the open nature of such services.

Cisco has been expanding into a wider range of products including software, even though its known for making routers and switches.  The company has identified collaborative software and cloud computing as key areas of growth.

The new security products will include software that filters through online traffic, as well as services that help companies oversee their technology security, it said.

Also, Cisco said on Tuesday that it was upgrading its WebEx online meeting software by bringing more advanced routing systems that help handle the increased traffic online.

Cisco bought WebEx in 2007.  WebEx is a company specializing in web-conferencing software that brings features like instant messaging and document file sharing.


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