SeeIT Solutions’ MII Readiness Survey Speeds Time-To-Value for SAP MII Users

May 12, 2009

As unprecedented economic conditions demand tighter control over MII implementation projects, MII Readiness Survey streamlines the process for defining project parameters and constructing a project roadmap

SCHAUMBURG, Ill., May 12 /PRNewswire/ — In the current economic environment, which is so challenging to manufacturers, SeeIT Solutions — specialist in delivering the SAP MII solution to manufacturers worldwide — begins each SAP MII project with its proprietary MII Readiness Survey, a tool enabling enterprises to rapidly realize the productivity-enhancing, cost-saving benefits of SAP MII.

“As the economy continues to struggle, decision-makers are realizing their companies need SAP MII more than ever, but they are equally concerned with gaining visibility into the MII project before it begins,” says Harry McCollum, president of SeeIT Solutions. “Managers have fundamental concerns regarding project scale, scope and roadmap. And whether their company owns the SAP MII license or is just considering it, an increasing number of them are coming to us with questions, ‘Where do we start? Are we even ready? What are the next steps?’”

SeeIT’s MII Readiness Survey answers those questions in a short, streamlined, low-cost engagement, which lays the foundation for a more rapid and effective deployment.

Over a 2-4 week period, SeeIT leverages its staff’s considerable experience with shop floor and SAP ERP processes to analyze and benchmark an organization’s manufacturing and IT landscapes. The company then tailors a 5-10 page, high-level document that identifies technical requirements and paths forward and provides a budget estimate for the MII project.

According to Mr. McCollum, companies often invest 6 to 24 months and considerable capital engaging consultants to do lean manufacturing studies, write requirements definitions or evaluate technology prior to undertaking an MII project, so delivering the MII Readiness Survey in 30 days or less is a major factor in SeeIT’s ability to shorten time-to-value.

“We have some customers who had waited a year or more to get their MII project started before engaging us. We asked them why. Basically, none of the software vendors or consultants they had been meeting with during that entire time had been able to provide quick answers as to project scope or cost. The whole process got to be too unwieldy and complex.”

Mr. McCollum is quick to acknowledge that a detailed plan may be needed at some point, but more important at project start-up is a roadmap that identifies the path forward and prioritizes activities to achieve the best results as quickly as possible.

Equally important, McCollum believes, are the SeeIT consultants themselves — those who perform the analyses and develop the MII Readiness Survey. “Customers know their business, but probably don’t know MII and the touch-points to SAP ERP. Most other consultants will know MII but may not know the shop floor or touch points to SAP ERP well enough,” he says. “SeeIT consultants have comprehensive expertise. We’ve worked with major manufacturing companies, we know SAP ERP and we certainly know MII. Each conclusion or recommendation included in the Readiness Survey reflects a sophisticated understanding of information flow from the machine or shop floor to SAP ERP. Our customers will have a knowledgeable resource like that on-site. That’s what really differentiates us.”

About SeeIT Solutions

A U.S.-based SAP Services Partner, SeeIT Solutions (www.seeitmii.com) specializes in delivering the SAP MII solution to manufacturers, integrating that solution with SAP ERP and training managers and staff to fully leverage SAP MII’s benefits.

SeeIT provides expertise in manufacturing, shop floor systems and SAP ERP connectivity points. That expertise enables SeeIT consultants to work closely with discrete and process manufacturing clients across the full gamut of industries — from pharmaceuticals and chemicals to automotive and aerospace — to define business processes and configure an MII solution that fully exploits the shared capabilities of their SAP ERP and shop floor systems. SeeIT has delivered projects globally with a network of resources distributed mainly in the U.S., Europe and Latin America.

    Harry McCollum
    SeeIT Solutions

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