DM Services Improves Application Performance and Reliability With AVIcode

May 13, 2009

BALTIMORE, May 13 /PRNewswire/ — AVIcode, Inc., the leading provider of real-time, always-on application performance monitoring solutions, today announced that DM Services, a leading online provider of roommate and apartment matching services, purchased AVIcode Intercept Studio from The Digital Group (T/DG), and implemented it to monitor and enhance performance of the complex application environment powering its online service.

“Prior to the implementation of Intercept Studio, we experienced multiple outages each week, resulting in system performance so poor that the site was sometimes unusable,” explained Ben Block, CTO at DM Services. “We selected Intercept Studio because it easily deployed into the production environment and provided the ability to identify the root causes of our reliability issues. Since installing the solution, we have been able to identify and correct a number of bottlenecks resulting in vastly improved performance and stability.”

DM Services helps hundreds of thousands of users around the world find apartments and roommates. With continued growth in usage, the system was experiencing a variety of challenging performance and stability issues causing outages and slowdowns resulting in users leaving the site. A complex application environment that had been modified by a number of different design teams over the years compounded the challenge DM Services faced in identifying the specific problem areas. After comprehensive research, DM Services purchased AVIcode’s Intercept Studio to monitor, detect and diagnose problems affecting its online service application.

AVIcode Intercept Studio provides application performance monitoring to improve and maintain application quality, reliability and availability by enabling rapid identification of the root cause of failures, exceptions and performance bottlenecks. Intercept Studio is the only always-on monitoring solution that detects and diagnoses both code failures and performance issues concurrently within custom-built and third party .NET applications with minimal impact on system resources. DM Services was impressed with the ability for Intercept Studio to help identify performance problems beyond the database, and in areas that might have otherwise been overlooked, such as file system access and methods used for storing individual image assets.

“Application downtime can be enormously expensive and leads to significant losses in productivity,” said Mike Curreri, CEO at AVIcode. “With Intercept Studio, DM Services no longer has to lose potential customers due to insufficient site functionality. With insight into performance issues and their root causes, AVIcode allows the organization to save time and money while enhancing customer satisfaction.”

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AVIcode is the leading provider of .NET application monitoring solutions. AVIcode’s award-winning technology protects application development and management investments, and is recommended as a best practice by Microsoft for .NET application monitoring. AVIcode’s flagship product, Intercept Studio, detects application problems in real-time throughout the application lifecycle – including security and connectivity issues, performance bottlenecks, and code failures – and delivers immediate root cause information to accelerate problem resolution. Organizations worldwide rely on AVIcode’s technology to get applications to market faster, reduce application maintenance and management costs, and ensure maximum application availability and reliability. For more information, contact AVIcode at 443-543-0030, email info@avicode.com, or visit the company website at www.avicode.com.

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