CIVA, Improving Inspection Planning Around the World

May 19, 2009

BALLSTON SPA, N.Y., May 19 /PRNewswire/ — Magsoft Corporation is pleased to announce the release of CIVA V9.2, a semi-analytical based nondestructive evaluation (NDE) simulation software. CIVA is developed by the CEA in Saclay, France, and sold, distributed and supported in North America by Magsoft Corporation. CIVA includes ultrasonic, radiographic and eddy current testing modules.

CIVA makes it possible to model a variety of different part configurations and inspection equipment scenarios without purchasing unnecessary hardware or building expensive physical mock-ups. CIVA is a useful tool for qualifying processes, verifying part inspectability and optimizing inspection parameters.

CIVA V9.2 builds upon a strong foundation to offer the following improvements:

Ultrasonic Testing Module [UT Module]

  • Phased array : tilted angular scanning in a given direction
  • Phased array : a series of angular scans combining tilt and skew angles
  • Phased array : dynamic beam focal law displays the beam for each focal law
  • Phased array: build AVI video of the beam as it scans from one point to the next
  • Phased array : global beam displays the cumulative beam over the entire scan
  • Anisotropic materials : arrows now indicate the specified orientations for each volumetric section

Eddy Current Testing Module [ET Module]

  • Insertion of defects into riveted specimens
  • Create a range of solutions incorporating variations in Lift Off
  • Review the difference in responses associated with the different values for the Lift Off

Radiographic Testing Module [RT Module]

  • Possibility to define heterogeneous specimens

“We are extremely pleased by the continuous improvement of the CIVA NDE simulation software from one version to the next. It is obvious that the development team is dedicated to continuously improving both the functionality and usability of the software,” says Senior Application Engineer Erica Schumacher of Magsoft Corporation. “It is gratifying to support software that meets the needs of our nondestructive test (NDT) community, providing them with a cost effective manner to optimize inspection processes and procedures.”

About Magsoft

Magsoft Corporation markets leading CAE simulation tools. These tools are used by manufacturers to accelerate and manage precise design solutions for devices such as motors, transformers, actuators, and sensors. Magsoft offers a range of products and services and has facilities throughout North America and Asia. News and information are available at www.magsoft-flux.com.

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