EchoSign Wins Beagle Research’s 2009 ‘CRM WizKids’ Award

May 27, 2009

PALO ALTO, Calif., May 27 /PRNewswire/ – EchoSign, the leading Web-based provider of electronic signatures and signature automation, with more than 800,000 users worldwide, today announced its selection as a winner of the 2009 WizKids Award from Beagle Research Group, LLC. The WizKids award is presented to emerging software companies that demonstrate new and innovative solutions to business problems encountered in the rapidly changing front office. In conjunction with the award, Beagle Research published a new report “WizKids 2009, Advances in the Front Office,” detailing the various ways enterprises can enhance their customer facing processes and make it easier to do business.

EchoSign won the award in conjunction with their customer Onvia, (Nasdaq: ONVI) a company that tracks all government purchasing activity in addition to commercial and residential projects in development for markets such as architecture and engineering, construction, IT/telecom, business consulting services, operations and maintenance, and transportation. EchoSign’s electronic signature solution was first rolled out to sales associates in June 2008, and their results have been impressive. With EchoSign, contracts come back in 24 hours or less and Onvia has noticed an uptick in transactions since using EchoSign. In addition, finance has access to the online version of every contract and is automatically copied on every incoming agreement. The finance team at Onvia found that with EchoSign, they can quickly verify every transaction and every contract. Most importantly, sales reps can quickly obtain a signature and provision the service immediately.

The WizKids 2009 Report reviews the new concept of operational excellence in the front office: “Traditionally, when we think of operational improvements we focus on back office processes that get a product out the door, and rightly so. But in a services market — especially one where services can be provisioned on the Internet, the products that need to get out the door, are increasingly those that support the front office, like contracts.

EchoSign’s approach to improving front office operations is insightful and provides an example of the possibilities inherent in improving operations for the front office.”

For a free trial of EchoSign, click here, or to see a free online demo, register here.

About EchoSign

In just one click, the EchoSign electronic signature solution automates the entire signature process from the request for signature to the distribution and filing of the executed agreement or form. With nothing to download, learn or install, there is simply no faster or secure way to get your contracts signed, tracked and filed. EchoSign customers close over $100M in contracts each month with an average ‘quote to close’ time of 42 minutes. EchoSign has won numerous awards including Red Herring Top 100 Private Company, “One to Watch” by Gartner Research, and Best of Show at Office 2.0, and has twice been named by Salesforce.com as an AppExchange Essential. Over 800,000 users at organizations such as British Telecom, Dell, GE Capital, Qualcomm, Time Warner Cable, and the University of California use EchoSign everyday to get contracts signed, tracked and filed in the most efficient and effective way possible. For more information and access to web service, visit http://www.echosign.com, or to see a 2 min video free online demo, click here.

About Beagle Research Group

Beagle Research Group, LLC is an analyst, consulting and market research organization focused on emerging front office software companies. Beagle Research investigates market trends and provides analysis and insight to vendors and buyers of front office computing solutions. Our content is presented in articles, blogs posts and free downloadable reports at multiple locations across the Internet. WizKids is a trademark of Beagle Research Group, LLC.


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