Wetpaint-powered Flash Activism Turns Out Tens of Thousands of Prop 8 Protestors

May 27, 2009

Flash Activists Leverage Wetpaint to Organize Rallies in 120 Cities Opposing the CA Supreme Court Decision Upholding Proposition 8

SEATTLE, May 27 /PRNewswire/The trend of online organization leading to offline activism continued yesterday as tens of thousands of protestors rallied in over 120 cities, all planned by Day of Decision grassroots activists on a Wetpaint-powered website. The demonstrations were planned by activists using Wetpaint to create web pages that served as a clearinghouse for protest information for each of the 120 cities participating in the event, ranging from Los Angeles to New York, to Toronto. In the 48 hours leading up to the ruling’s announcement, over 220,000 people visited the site http://dayofdecision.wetpaint.com, thanks in part to endorsements by popular blogger Perez Hilton and tweets by Eliza Dushku, star of the hit TV show Dollhouse.

Flash activism of this magnitude is not new to the Wetpaint network; Join the Impact used Wetpaint to organize a worldwide protest in November 2008 when Proposition 8 was first instated. The site, http://jointheimpact.wetpaint.com, facilitated rallies in 300 cities with more than 250,000 people marching in unison in support of equal rights. Just like the flash activism of Join the Impact, the Day of Decision rallies are a powerful example of the ease with which groups can use social technology online to coordinate and collaborate for offline action.

“Wetpaint was built for the very purpose of letting people easily express their passions,” said Ben Elowitz, CEO of Wetpaint. “Although yesterday’s rallies brought people together over a common disappointment, we’re pleased that Wetpaint played in allowing so many to come together and stand up for what they believe in.”

The easy-to-use Wetpaint platform provides the ability to join conversations, create new topics and threads, upload photos and videos, and create widgets that track community activity. Event and activism coordinators choose Wetpaint because anyone can contribute what they know, making events like Day of Decision and Join the Impact possible and successful.

About Wetpaint: Wetpaint provides the leading platform for fans to easily create and participate in online communities around the topics they care about most. With the world’s largest network of 1.5 million fan-powered websites and partnerships with major brands such as Dell, Discovery Channel, Fox, HBO, HP, HTC, Showtime, and T-Mobile, Wetpaint offers businesses a turnkey solution for creating and fostering passionate communities that drive traffic and increase loyalty. Consumers flock to http://www.wetpaint.com to create sites around topics they love; last month consumers created more than forty-thousand Wetpaint fansites. For more company information, visit http://press.wetpaint.com/

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