Actix Delivers HSPA+/Evolved Troubleshooting and Optimization Capabilities

May 28, 2009

LONDON, May 28 /PRNewswire/ — Actix, the leader in Network Status
performance engineering and optimization solutions, is announcing new support
capabilities for HSPA+/Evolved within Actix Analyzer and Actix Spotlight

Actix is now able to deliver HSPA+/Evolved troubleshooting and
optimization capabilities within all elements of its Analyzer, Spotlight,
Radioplan and Actix One solutions.

Already established as the industry standard for both analysis and
performance engineering, Actix software is constantly being extended to cover
the newest technologies, and offers the broadest set of interfaces to third
party data through a library that covers hundreds of different vendor formats.

The extension of Actix analysis and optimization software to cover HSPA+
allows operators to take maximum advantage of the capacity and throughput
benefits of 3GPP Release 7, delivering faster, more efficient problem
resolution and reduced training costs.

HSPA+/Evolved are upgrades to the existing widespread 3GPP HSDPA/HSUPA
capabilities, and aims at improving the mobile broadband user experience by
delivering higher throughputs and lower latency for data services. This is
achieved through higher order modulation and the use of Multiple Input
Multiple Output (MIMO) antennae. Existing networks can be upgraded to
HSPA+/Evolved and benefit from nearly double the capacity for voice and data
services – an important benefit during a tough economic cycle. Many operators
are now looking more closely at HSPA+/Evolved as a step on the upgrade path
to faster data speeds and more capacity for mobile broadband to their mobile

“Operators are working out the best way to make the most of their
networks ahead of expensive outlays for LTE spectrum and equipment, and
through deployments of HSPA+/Evolved they are already seeing data rates of up
to 21 Mbps,” said Keith Reed, Network Performance Engineering Product
Director at Actix. “Actix is helping to ease the upgrade process by adding
support for HSPA+/Evolved within our Analyzer/Spotlight solutions, allowing
existing customers to use familiar tools with this new technology.”

Actix Analyzer and Spotlight offer advanced features that enable the user
to create a set of self-defined analyses to investigate a wide range of radio
issues, including a comprehensive set of built-in tools for coverage and
missing neighbours analysis. Analyzer/ Spotlight also allow for detailed
analysis of individual calls, a particularly useful ability at the early
stages of a new technology roll out.

About Actix

With increasingly fierce competition and sky-high customer expectations,
mobile operators around the world are striving to extract every bit of
performance and value from one of the biggest assets, the radio access
network. UK-based Actix helps wireless carriers enhance revenue growth and
improve operating margins by delivering intelligent, automated network
performance engineering and network status management systems. Actix
solutions feature embedded wireless expertise, automating key processes and
enabling very significant efficiencies in the deployment and operation of
carriers’ networks, delivering measurably higher performance at lower cost.
Over 10,000 engineers from 227 operators – including Verizon, O2, AT&T and
T-Mobile – in 106 countries globally depend upon Actix software every day to
help improve coverage for more than 1,100,000,000 subscribers. For more
information, please see http://www.actix.com.

    Press contact:

    Nicola Smart
    AxiCom (for Actix)
    Email: actix@axicom.com
    Tel: +44-(0)20-8392-4050

SOURCE Actix Ltd

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