Computer ‘Defibrillator’ Now on the Market

May 28, 2009

Smart USB stick does automatic backups and resuscitates crashed computer without loss of functionality or files

CORAL GABLES, Fla., May 28 /PRNewswire/ — Back in a Flash LLC has just introduced a device the size of a flash drive that can resuscitate a crashed computer — not just restart it, but get a non-techie user right back to work, with software and the user’s files.

With Back in a Flash(R) the businessman 3000 miles away from home can make his presentation to a prospective client even though his laptop’s hard drive crashed on the trip there. The litigator working feverishly at home over a weekend for a trial that starts Monday can keep working even after her computer’s operating system gets a virus. So can the reporter who has been stuffing his laptop with two months of work on a major story he was about to break. And the student putting the finishing touches on a three-week research paper due tomorrow.

Back in a Flash(R) plugs into any USB port of a computer and, with one click, starts the first of its two roles: automatically backing up the user’s files every day into the unit. There is no installation or setup required, and nothing further for the user to do – ever. Starting at under $50, it should make backups the rule rather than the exception.

That makes Back in a Flash(R) noteworthy. But what is truly revolutionary is its ability to resuscitate a computer which fails due to a hard disk crash or corruption of its operating system.

Back in a Flash(R) has a built-in operating system, so a user simply boots-up the computer from it. It also has a Microsoft(C) Office(C) compatible software suite that can be used to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations. But far more important, the software can be used to open and edit the user’s files already inside the device from the daily back-ups. So, with Back in a Flash(R), the businessman, litigator, reporter and student can all get right back to work. And they can also surf the Web, send and receive e-mail, do instant messaging, listen to music, play movies, and more. All with that crashed computer.

For more details visit www.BackinaFlash.com . It is the combination of its features that make Back in a Flash(R) unique and the focus of its patent filing. Other back-up systems exist, but not at this price, simplicity and size, let alone the ability to resuscitate a crashed computer. Boot-up systems that restart a crashed computer may exist, but without applications software or the ability to return the user’s files. And how useful is that?

Company: Back in a Flash LLC was founded to develop, patent, produce, market and distribute its namesake product.

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