June 10, 2009

Google Targets Businesses Using Microsoft Tools

On Tuesday, Google Inc introduced software designed to make it easy for businesses to switch from using Microsoft Outlook to the Internet company's web-based communication products.

According to Google, the new software can easily transfer data from a Microsoft Exchange server to Google's online service.

The product allows for clients to use Microsoft Outlook for email, but uses Google for back-end functionality and storage.

Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook, as the software has been named, will be available immediately as part of the Premier version of Google apps, which costs $50 per business, but is available to non-profits for free.

According to Chris Vander Way, Google product manager, the new product does not mean Google is backing away from its web-based email service, Gmail.

"We look at this as a way to provide choice for users who like to do things the old, Outlook way," said Vander Way.

Currently, the company has 1.75 million business users, although it is not known how many of these users pay for the service.

Dave Girouard, president of Google's enterprise business, said the enterprise apps business generates "hundreds of millions" of dollars in revenue each year and is growing.


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