RapidShare Makes Interface to Application Programming Accessible

June 10, 2009

CHAM, Switzerland, June 10 /PRNewswire/ — RapidShare AG, one of the most
popular 1-Click-Hosters, has released its application programming interface
(API). This will enable private and professional developers to incorporate
RapidShare technology quickly and easily into their tools and integrate
upload functions in music and video software or games, for example. In
addition, they will also be able to write programs to manage RapidShare
accounts – there are no limits to coders’ ideas.

The API that has been released makes it possible to manage RapidShare
files, folders and link lists. The new Premium Zone is used as the
implementation reference and it is currently available to all users as an
alternative to the old Premium Zone. The documentation for the API can be
downloaded from http://images.rapidshare.com/apidoc.txt and further
information can be found at http://rapidshare.com/dev.html.

“We are publishing the API to give developers the opportunity to
integrate RapidShare technology into their tools,” says Bobby Chang, COO of
RapidShare AG, “There are so many talented programmers around the world that
we are excited to find out what interesting applications and new integrations
we will see in the next few months.”

About RapidShare

RapidShare AG distributes digital information for companies and private
individuals. The data can be uploaded to the system in just a few steps and
can then be provided to recipients as a download. RapidShare AG was founded
in 2006 and is based in Cham in Switzerland.

Press Contact: Indigo Pearl GmbH & Co. KG Ina Frank Richardstr. 45, 22081
Hamburg, Germany, Tel: +49-40-25-33-02-77, if@indigopearl.de

SOURCE RapidShare AG

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