Correlix and Aleri Alliance to Enhance Trading Performance

June 15, 2009

High Frequency Traders Gain an Edge by Factoring In Market Response Time

NEW YORK, June 15 /PRNewswire/ — Correlix, Inc., a provider of Latency Intelligence solutions that monitor, measure and analyze trading execution and market-data flows in real-time, and Aleri Inc, a leading provider of high performance complex event processing (CEP) technology and CEP-based solutions,today announced a joint alliance. The combination of the two solutions helps to pinpoint latency with real-time transaction optimization and enhance trading strategies.

As high frequency trading continues to grow, low-latency has become a critical parameter in developing trading strategies. Correlix and Aleri recognize this challenge and are offering Correlix Latency Intelligence with Aleri’s complex event processing platform to enable traders to adapt their CEP models to enhance trading performance in real time.

“To successfully trade in today’s marketplace, firms must be able to quickly respond to changing market conditions and manage latency at the granular level,” said Shawn Melamed, CEO of Correlix. “Together with Aleri, we are addressing the needs of high frequency traders for additional automation in their trading strategies to gain an edge by factoring in market response time.”

“By combining our CEP capabilities with Correlix’s Latency Intelligence solution, we’re filling an essential role in the needs of today’s high speed trading environment,” said Jeff Wootton, VP of Product Development at Aleri. Through this alliance, capital market firms can gain a holistic view of latency throughout the entire lifecycle of a trade and factor that into automated decision making. In addition, trading venues can use this information to attract liquidity by providing an optimized low-latency infrastructure.”

Correlix has emerged as the leader in providing real-time analytics that identify latency at all points in a multi-tier transaction, per specific transactions. By using Correlix Latency Intelligence with their Aleri CEP Platform, traders can see an opportunity and take action on this information or take pre-emptive action before a performance problem significantly presents itself.

The Correlix Latency Intelligence with Aleri CEP capabilities is now available. For more information, visit www.correlix.com.

About Correlix

Correlix, Inc. provides an inter-party latency management service that enables trading partner latency visibility in a secure environment. Customers also rely on Correlix to monitor, measure and minimize latency in trade execution and market data flow in real-time. This empowers users to execute a trade or deliver and act on market data in fewer milliseconds. Correlix customers are capital market firms including buy and sell-side, service providers and liquidity venues.

Established in 2005, Correlix is headquartered in New York with research and development offices in Israel. Correlix is venture financed by Sequoia Capital, Genesis Partners, Blumberg Capital, Vernon & Park Capital, L.P. and Xenia Ventures. For more information, visit www.correlix.com.

About Aleri

Aleri, a leading provider of enterprise-class complex event processing (CEP) technology and CEP-based solutions, provides a high performance platform to quickly build and deploy real-time applications that can analyze and respond instantly to high-volume, high-speed data to minimize risk and increase competitive advantage. In March of 2009 Aleri merged with Coral8, combining two leading providers of CEP technology to expand market reach and increase the speed of innovation for next-generation, real-time event processing technology and solutions. The combined product family offers a comprehensive software suite for developing, implementing and delivering real-time analytics and Continuous Intelligence(TM) for time-critical business decisions.

Driven by market demand, Aleri also provides CEP-powered solutions that address specific challenges and enables the financial industry to respond faster to changing conditions and make better decisions through more timely information. Aleri’s CEP powered solutions include:

  • Aleri Liquidity Management System (LMS) — provides end-to-end real-time management of cash and liquid assets to reduce short term liquidity risk and ensure optimal funding
  • Aleri Market Liquidity Analysis engine (MLA) — consolidates and analyzes multiple order book feeds from individual exchanges to provide a powerful tool for trading in fragmented markets
  • Aleri Real-Time Risk Monitor framework — provides a template for rapid implementation of a customized, comprehensive solution for consolidating positions, limits and exposures across asset classes in real-time to manage both credit and market risk
  • Liquidity Risk Manager (LRM) — provides a flexible liquidity stress testing environment that enables banks to model stress events and gain insight into how different scenarios would impact the bank’s liquidity exposure.

Aleri is a global company headquartered in Chicago with offices in Mountain View, New York, New Jersey, London, and Paris. For more information, visit www.aleri.com.

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