June 16, 2009

Bing Makes Filtering Out Porn Easy

Microsoft says that its new search engine "Bing" makes it easy to filter out porn from searches.

According to Bing general manager Mike Nichols, the adult content will be served from a separate domain so that it is easily hidden from those that wish to not see it while surfing.

"This is invisible to the end customer, but allows for filtering of that content by domain which makes it much easier for customers at all levels to block this content," Nichols said in a message atop an official Bing website.

Nichols also said information about the domains that have explicit content is displayed in a manner that makes it more obvious to content filtering software.

Microsoft described its new search engine as a "Decision Engine," which specializes in helping people make decisions on their purchases, researching health concerns or finding a local businesses.

Bing's debut came at a time when Google and Yahoo have announced new updates to their search services and the launch of a Wolfram Alpha query engine that delivers answers instead of lists of websites.

Bing is replacing MSN Live Search, which only shares a little of the market because of the dominant Google and second place Yahoo.


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