June 17, 2009

RIM Unveils New BlackBerry Tour For Business And Casual Users

The tough economy has prompted Research In Motion to add another smartphone to its BlackBerry lineup as it aims to win market share among both executives and mainstream consumers, Reuters reported.

The new BlackBerry Tour will be the latest model to join the popular BlackBerry Curve and the high-end corporate aimed BlackBerry Bold.

The new device will soon launch with Verizon and Sprint in the United States and Telus and BCE's Bell unit in Canada, according to RIM co-Chief Executive Jim Balsillie.

Balsillie said the Tour is a big step forward in BlackBerry handsets even though it isn't drastically different from the others in appearance.

The new Tour is expected to be a hit with business users since it is what RIM calls a "world phone," meaning it can easily access voice and data services on networks outside the user's home country.

However, the Tour is also loaded with multimedia features similar to those found in the BlackBerry Curve and Pearl, including a photo and video camera and media player.

The Waterloo, Ontario-based RIM is continuing to move towards products that cross customer categories while focusing on making deeper inroads into the broader retail market.

RIM has also been cautious not to alienate its main base of corporate users who rely on its smartphones to securely send wireless e-mail.

But in North America, rivals such as Apple and Palm and Nokia in Europe are attempting to lure users with new products with competitive features while aggressively dropping the prices of their handsets.


Image Credit: www.verizon.com


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