June 18, 2009

Homer Simpson Coming To GPA

Homer Simpson, the star of the cartoon show "The Simpsons," is ready to guide you wherever you are going through TomTom's navigation services.

Homer's voice can now be downloaded as a voice onto TomTom's navigation devices, including phrases like "Woo hoo!  You have reached your destination!"

"At the end of the road, turn left, then take the motorway. Ah ha ha, he he. Woo hoo!" a sample audio clip says.

However, you won't hear Homer's voice in Italian though.

"We have only released the product in countries where Homer's voice is not dubbed in the TV series," a TomTom spokesman said. The voice download will only be available in English in 14 countries and costs 10 euros ($14).

TomTom's navigation devices let you customize the voice guiding you down the road, and there are many celebrity voices to choose from as an option.

Some of the celebrities currently offered are John Cleese, Mr. T and Kim Cattrall.  Homer's voice is actually the voice of Dan Castellaneta, who also does voiceover for Krusty the Clown and Mayor Quimby of the same television show.


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