June 19, 2009

LCD TV Sales On The Rise

DisplaySearch announced Friday that global LCD TV sales volume is expected to rise 21 percent this year, which is helped by strong sales in developed markets and China's stimulus spending program.

In Friday's report, the research firm said LCD, or liquid crystal display, TV sales were expected to reach 127 million units in 2009, which is higher than the previously thought 120 million or the 105 million sold in 2008.

LCD TVs are expected to be part of 63 percent of all global TV sales this year.  However, DisplaySearch said that LCD TV revenue is expected to decline 6 percent from 2008 because of prices dropping and a shift to discount retail chains like Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

The LCD TV sales projection for China was also raised to 23.6 million units from the previous 18.8 million, citing the government's enhanced incentive program for TV purchases.

The leading suppliers of LCD TVs include Samsung Electronics, Sony Corp. and Vizio Inc.

The number of TVs shipped worldwide is expected to decline 9 percent to 200.4 million units because the global recession adds to companies being strapped for cash to have extra units.

DisplaySearch said that plasma screen TV sales are expected to drop 2 percent this year to 14.1 million after surging 28 percent in 2008.


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