Achilles Test Systems Founders Present at DAC Conference

June 25, 2009

WALTHAM, Mass., June 25 /PRNewswire/ — Achilles Test Systems (http://www.achillestest.com), a provider of products and services to organize and analyze the results of FPGA and ASIC product development, today announced that its technical paper has been accepted for publication at the 46th annual Design Automation Conference DAC (http://www.dac.com) to be held July 26-31, in San Francisco, CA. DAC is the premier industry event in North America for bringing together leaders in electronic design and automation.

Achilles Test Systems’ founders Chris Kappler and Greg Goss will be presenting “Managing Information Silos: Reducing Project Risk through Multi-Metric Tracking” (http://www.dac.com/events/eventdetails.aspx?id=95-5-U), Wednesday, July 29 at 1:30 p.m. The founders will address issues that they have encountered measuring multi-metric project health as a way to manage tradeoffs in product development time, cost, and quality. They will highlight why traditional methods, such as measuring test coverage or measuring design stability, are falling short in the face of the fundamental changes that are occurring in the latest electronic designs.

Achilles Test Systems (booth #912) will also be demonstrating the DV Notebook, which offers a ready-made solution for real-time progress and status tracking within design and verification teams. The DV Notebook is a flexible repository for collecting, analyzing and summarizing a large amount of result data from any mixture of design tools and simulations. The DV Notebook’s visualizations enable users to sift through test and synthesis results, categorize failures, and highlight areas of concern in a design. Web-based visualizations draw attention to the key points of a project and bring engineers directly to the relevant context and supporting lower-level details in a few mouse clicks. Time-saving integration allows bugs to be filed and debug tools to be launched directly from the web interface with no cutting and pasting.

The DV Notebook will parse any program result file to extract key pieces of information with no vendor dependencies. User-specific files, such as simulation log files, are easily parsed to extract key pieces of information such as the test name, test description, time of execution, duration of test, key parameters, random seed values, error messages, and pass/fail status. Built-in templates track verification testing and manage regression suites out of the box. These templates offer a starting point which may be customized to address your exact situation, extracting the precise data you need and working with the tools in your flow. Collecting key information and storing it in an organized and easily accessible dashboard saves time, avoids errors, and facilitates collaboration. We thrive in multi-vendor environments.

About Achilles Test Systems

Achilles Test Systems (http://www.achillestest.com) products and services enable development teams to correlate results across multiple project data files, cutting debug time in a collaborative development process. Project status is always available and up-to-date with automatically generated tables and charts to highlight trends from historical data. Every member of a global team just needs a web browser to launch design and debug tools, post comments and insights, and access an integrated visualization of timing closure, test tracking, and source-code revision history.

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