FLEOA Joins AMBER Ready’s Launching of Their National Awareness Child Safety Tour

June 26, 2009

LEWISBERRY, Pa., June 26 /PRNewswire/ — Today, FLEOA National President J. Adler announced that the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association will actively participate in AMBER Ready’s Child Safety Awareness Campaign. Beginning in September, FLEOA will support AMBER Ready during its national tour that’s directed towards educating parents and care providers on how to protect their children.

Having hosted numerous child safety events during National Missing Children’s Day, FLEOA believes that AMBER Ready has created a viable solution to the problem that has impacted law enforcement’s ability to recover a lost or abducted child. AMBER Ready’s parent-friendly technology empowers parents to transmit vital information to the police in an expeditious manner. With this viable technology, parents are able to store their child’s vital information on their phone, and provide law enforcement with the information they need to initiate an immediate search and rescue.

As FLEOA National President Adler makes clear, “We don’t have the luxury to sit around and contemplate why so many of our children go missing each day. AMBER Ready has created a formidable means to help parents enable us to pursue and defeat child predators.” The tour will prove to be an excellent means for providing educational workshops and enrollment events. FLEOA will stand by AMBER Ready’s dedicated efforts to better protect America’s children.


Source: newswire

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