June 29, 2009

Sony Might be Churning Up iPhone Rival

Sony remained quiet on reports surfacing about the company turning its PlayStation Portable handheld game console into a cellphone to rival Apple's market dominating iPhone.

The Nikkei business daily reported on Saturday that Sony is considering developing a new portable game console with the added functions of a Sony Ericsson phone.  The paper did not reveal its source.

The Nikkei said that the company would set up a team in July to look into the development of the new product. 

Sony declined to comment on the rumors by the daily.

"We don't comment on plans for next-generation consoles. The report is mere speculation," a spokeswoman for the group's game unit told AFP.

Howard Stringer, Sony chief executive, is under pressure as the company's first annual loss in 14 years was reported in May.  That report also warned that the company might be seeing the red all year.
Wednesday will be Sony's 30th anniversary of the launch of the Walkman portable music player.  The Walkman started off as a portable audio cassette player.


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