SMIC Achieves Silicon Success with High Performance 45-nanometer Process

June 30, 2009

SHANGHAI, June 30 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Semiconductor Manufacturing
International Corporation (“SMIC”; NYSE: SMI and SEHK: 0981.HK) today
announced the successful completion of its first 45-nanometer high performance
(GP, generic process with high performance) yield lot.

SMIC’s high-speed, high performance 45nm GP technology integrates a
silicon germanium stress module into the design, allowing the device to run
faster, making it ideal for a number of applications, including system-on-chip,
graphics and network processors, telecommunications and wireless consumer
products, and serves as a technology platform for the fast growing China

The 45nm GP technology bookends with SMIC’s silicon success on its 45nm
low power (LP) technology, which is suitable for mobile devices that put a
premium on low power consumption. SMIC signed an agreement with International
Business Machines (IBM) to license its low-power and high-performance bulk
CMOS technologies in December 2007. The GP technology transfer was completed
in March 2009.

“I’m delighted with the progress of SMIC’s 45nm project team, which
continues to meet rigorous deadlines, and we appreciate the excellent support
from IBM throughout this progress,” said Dr. Robert Tsu, SMIC’s 45nm project
leader and Associate Vice President of Logic Technology. “Integrating the
silicon germanium process and achieving a well-yielded test chip from the very
first yield lot is a significant technical accomplishment, and these
accomplishments allow SMIC to provide a highly manufacturable technology to
our customers.”

SMIC’s 45nm GP technology is supported by a proven design-in SPICE model
and in-house design IP capability that enables customers to begin prototype
product design and plan for early time-to-market. In June, SMIC announced the
adoption of new SPICE model software for the design and verification of 45nm
IP blocks, I/O circuitry, and standard cell characterization flows.

As the company’s 65nm low-power technology development cycle comes to a
successful close, with a recently completed IP portfolio, multiple customer
product qualification, and a ramping up of production, efforts have focused on
45nm. The readiness of SMIC’s 45nm LP and GP technologies for design-in allows
customers to enter a premium-value market.

“We are very excited and encouraged by the completion of our first 45nm
high performance yield lot, another important signpost in SMIC’s strategic
plan,” said Dr. Richard Chang, SMIC’s President and CEO. “It verifies the IBM-
licensed technology, validates our strategic decision to invest in advanced
logic technologies, and enhances SMIC’s position as the advanced logic
technology leader in China. This 45nm GP process is a proven, robust, high
yielding, and high performance technology that we anticipate can not only
deliver better performance, reliability, and cost to our valued customers, but
also help SMIC become even more competitive in China and worldwide.”

About SMIC

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (“SMIC”; NYSE: SMI;
SEHK: 981) is one of the leading semiconductor foundries in the world and the
largest and most advanced foundry in Mainland China, providing integrated
circuit (IC) foundry and technology services at 0.35um to 45nm. Headquartered
in Shanghai, China, SMIC has a 300mm wafer fabrication facility (fab) and
three 200mm wafer fabs in its Shanghai mega-fab, two 300mm wafer fabs in its
Beijing mega-fab, a 200mm wafer fab in Tianjin, a 200mm fab under construction
in Shenzhen, and an in-house assembly and testing facility in Chengdu. SMIC
also has customer service and marketing offices in the U.S., Europe, and Japan,
and a representative office in Hong Kong. In addition, SMIC manages and
operates a 200mm wafer fab in Chengdu owned by Cension Semiconductor
Manufacturing Corporation and a 300mm wafer fab in Wuhan owned by Wuhan Xinxin
Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation. For more information, please visit
http://www.smics.com .

    For more information, please contact:

     Reiko Chang
     Corporate Relations
     Tel:   +86-21-3861-0000 x10544
     Email: Reiko_Chang@smics.com

     Angela Miao
     Public Relations
     Tel:   +86-21-3861-0000 x10088
     Email: Angela_Miao@smics.com

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