Fairtheworld Plans to Pilot its ‘Matrix’ Industrial Clustering Scheme on the Pearl River Delta

July 2, 2009

HONG KONG, July 2 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Fairtheworld.com plans to study and
analyze several industrial clusters in the Pearl River Delta (China) in an
effort to provide complete e-commerce solutions to these industries with its
“matrix” concept. If the pilot succeeds, the experiences derived will
establish a milestone for future e-commerce models.

Fairtheworld will select several industrial clusters which have
international influences in the Pearl River Delta, such as office consumer
materials in Zhuhai, security equipment in Zhuhai and Shenzhen, construction
materials in Foshan, electronic communication products in Shenzhen,
yacht-building in Zhuhai, etc.

These clusters gather together suppliers, purchasers and manufacturing
companies in the up and down-stream of a particular industry, constituting a
complete industry chain. However, the production and sale model of various
entities on the chain are rather inflexible, usually involving cooperation
with fixed partners; while their primary channel of promotion is to
participate in various exhibitions.

Fairtheworld is going to integrate these industry chains through its
“matrix” concept, and invites leading players of industries to enter into the
“Fair N Fair” 3D Virtual Expo platform, so as to break down barriers in the
industry and transform those enterprises connected with “Fair N Fair” into the
smallest cells floating on the business system. Enterprises can latch onto the
inexhaustible “value chain” of the e-commerce matrix created by “Fair N Fair”
just like cells. Therefore, they will evolve from “a discrete link in the
concentration” into part of the “infinite connections in the business matrix”.

SOURCE Fairtheworld

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