Viralheat Launches Low Cost Social Media Monitoring and Analytics

July 6, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO, July 6 /PRNewswire/ — Viralheat, the simple and affordable way to monitor the Web, today launched its revolutionary social media monitoring service that allows users to engage with social media like never before. Viralheat packs a comprehensive set of features into one incredible price point with monitoring and analysis of 200 video sites, Twitter, and real-time search of blogs and Web sites, starting at a mere $9.99 per month.

Users can keep tabs on their brand, competitors, employees and topics that are crucial to their marketing efforts for a fraction of the $4,000 a month other companies are charging just for monitoring video. Viralheat plans to add advanced analytics and engagement packages to its platform where users can choose to buy and pay only for the services they need.

“The existing social media monitoring and analytics model is broken because it requires customers to pay an outrageous monthly fee for services they don’t need,” said Raj Kadam, CEO of Viralheat. “We’re offering Viralheat at a price that seeks widespread adoption among agencies, content producers, brands, independent social media marketers, and consultants in a package that provides flexibility, unlimited mentions, and great analysis.”

Users simply go to Viralheat and enter search terms they want to track which can be brands, competitors, individuals or topics. The Viralheat platform will constantly scan video sites, Twitter, and the Web and present real-time results in one place.

Real-time Search – Viralheat users instantly see when a search term appears on any Web page thanks to its new Web monitoring technology that harnesses social media interactions. The result is an up-to-the-minute listing of blogs and Web sites that are actively being discussed and shared about your topic or brand, rather than displaying links to Web sites that may not have been updated in years.

Viral Video – Viralheat offers comprehensive coverage of 200 viral video sharing sites from around the world. With Viralheat’s video capabilities, users can have detailed statistics about how videos spread virally and where they are being shared. Analysis of the videos include: the total number of videos found, the video getting the most views and the video platform that currently has the most downloads.

Twitter – Viralheat monitors Twitter in real-time, giving users a commanding view of tweets by topic or brand. Viralheat’s Twitter analysis offers users detailed analytics about volume, sentiment, trends and other vital statistics that saves users time and allows them to execute social media outreach at blazing speeds. Tweets can also be e-mailed directly from the site so they can be shared easily with team members or clients.

Viralheat makes it effortless to share the findings with colleagues, clients, and friends. Results can be exported in a variety of formats ranging from e-mail to re-tweeting. Viralheat also provides the ability to share a snapshot of the profiles with the public.

“Viralheat offers advanced power for social media monitoring and analysis that can change significantly how organizations monitor and measure the effectiveness of social media campaigns,” said John Blossom, President of Shore Communications. “By making the monitoring of a wide range of social media channels effective and affordable for anyone, cracking the code of very specific social media trends is within the reach of any enterprise trying to reach online markets instead of just a handful of mass-marketed brands.”

The savvy team of professionals behind Viralheat’s platform has experience in building large scale network monitoring systems. The entire platform operates on a proprietary, custom-built cloud computer, allowing Viralheat to leverage significant savings that are passed along to subscribers.

The service has been built with input from a wide-range of customers including music labels, television networks, brands, government agencies, financial institutions, digital and public relations agencies, and over 250 customers who have been using the service in private beta. The platform also received guidance from Web analytics pioneer Rand Schulman who in the late 90′s built one of the first web analytic SaaS companies, Keylime Software, which was acquired by Yahoo!. Schulman was also an executive at WebTrends, the CMO of WebSideStory through their successful 2004 IPO, and co-founder of the Web Analytics Association.

“Harnessing the new richness of actionable data from the social Web today rivals the opportunity we had a decade ago at the start of Web analytics and digital marketing. Today, Viralheat has introduced pricing and technology that everyone can afford, which is key to large-scale commercial adoption of social media,” said Rand Schulman.

About Viralheat

Viralheat is a simple and an affordable way for brands, agencies, marketers and content producers to monitor consumer generated content on social networks. Users can identify key trends, understand community engagement and perform competitive analysis. Founded in January 2009, Viralheat was built with fanatical focus on scale, speed, data analysis and cost using the best techniques in large scale network monitoring and P2P cloud computing. Start monitoring for as low as $9.99/month, for more information please visit http://www.viralheat.com

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