NICE Expands Reach Into Corporate Branches and Small to Medium Contact Centers With NICE Perform eXpress, Delivering Cost Efficient, Enterprise-Grade Regulatory Compliance Recording

July 8, 2009

RA’ANANA, Israel, July 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ – NICE Systems Ltd. (Nasdaq: NICE), the global provider of advanced solutions that enable organizations to extract Insight from Interactions to drive performance, today introduced NICE Perform eXpress, delivering cost-efficient call recording for regulatory compliance. NICE Perform eXpress is designed for the specific needs of branches in larger corporations and small to medium contact centers, trading floors, and back offices. The new offering can be quickly deployed with minimal maintenance requirements, and low total cost of ownership (TCO). NICE Perform eXpress also presents new opportunities for distribution into additional markets for NICE’s global channel partners.

Paul Hoffman, VP Sales, at NICE partner, Advanced Telecommunications, Inc. (ATI), said, “There is a great market need among branches, small to medium contact centers and back offices, as well as trading floors, for the solution being offered by NICE Perform eXpress. We are excited that NICE Perform eXpress, with its easy implementation and maintenance, and a low TCO, will help us expand what we can offer to our customers.”

Organizations today are increasingly required to improve regulatory compliance capabilities, as they are facing a growing number of regulations across the entire enterprise, whether in small contact centers, or the many distributed branches of a large corporation. Accordingly, they are in need of a cost-efficient regulatory compliance call recording solution to help monitor employee compliance and decrease exposure to risk. NICE Perform eXpress answers these needs. It enables them to benefit from NICE’s enterprise-grade call recording, playback, and archive applications, in a cost-efficient solution that can be installed and deployed in less than four hours per site, and is easy to use and maintain.

Keith Dawson, Principal Analyst, Information & Communication Technologies, at leading analyst firm Frost & Sullivan, commented, “There is a large, relatively untapped market for interaction recording systems in smaller call centers, and beyond them to related businesses like branches and back offices. These organizations haven’t in the past been able to justify the costs of a full-fledged compliance-grade recording system, especially since so few of them have on-site access to IT resources. NICE is making it easy for those groups to benefit from recording technology with a solution that’s very quick to deploy and has an attractive price point. NICE has done an excellent job balancing price and functionality to come up with a feature-rich package that’s attractive to small organizations.”

Mr. Evan Flaherty, System Administrator, at Custom Disability Solutions, a division of Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company, said, “We were very pleased about implementing NICE Perform eXpress. We were looking for a resilient and cost efficient compliance recording solution that would be easy for us to deploy and maintain. And, indeed, the installation went very smoothly, quickly, and easily. Now we can ensure compliance with leading edge technology but without the overhead.”

“NICE is proud to introduce NICE Perform eXpress to the market,” said Udi Ziv, Chief Product Officer at NICE. “It addresses the growing need for small to medium contact centers to implement affordable regulatory compliance call recording, and for large enterprises seeking to ensure compliance at the branch level. NICE Perform eXpress also gives us a unique opportunity to further enhance the strong relationships we have with our global network of partners, and jointly deliver this new solution to our growing list of customers.”

More information about NICE Perform eXpress is available at: http://express.nice.com/index.php.

About NICE

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