New Cooking Show Launches Online: Cooking with Nonna

July 8, 2009

NEW YORK, July 8 /PRNewswire/ — Cooking with Nonna is a new food webisode series that can be viewed at www.cookingwithnonna.com. Pioneered by telecommunications industry veteran and CEO, Vito Rago, and hosted by emerging talent and food lover, Rossella Rago, the show presents some of the most original and sought after classic Italian recipes; not those of professional chefs, but recipes from our grandmothers — the nostalgic recipes with those secret ingredients and histories that home chefs covet. These matriarchs often use the local ingredients and flavors from their native cities and villages.

Aimed at engaging both a younger demographic of cooks and food lovers and an older generation of foodies and culinary aficionado’s, Cooking with Nonna fuses food and entertainment in its first season of 14 webisodes. Each episode is introduced weekly and will feature a grandmother representing a region of Italy, who, guided by host Rossella Rago, will prepare the traditional dishes of the village that she originates from.

In each 12-15 minute webisode of Cooking with Nonna, host Rossella Rago invites viewers to experience and learn the heritage and origin of classic Italian favorite dishes from longstanding culinary gurus, Italian grandmothers, while they demonstrate and share recipes from famous family dishes. Viewers will meet Rossella and journey to these Italian regions, learn about the culture and sights and understand the history behind each recipe.

Some of the delicious Italian recipes include: Chicory with Fava Beans --signature dish of Mola di Bari in Puglia; Pasta con Sarde — the famous Sicilian dish; Trofie with Pesto Genovese and the sauce that has made Genova famous around the world, Pesto alla Genovese; homemade Cavatelli pasta & Ragu originating in Avellino, Campania with four types of meat; Stuffed Eggplants, a region know throughout Italy for their quality and quantity of eggplants and many more.

Dishes featured in the first season of Cooking with Nonna were aggregated through family and friends for their favorite Italian recipes, handed down from their grandmothers for generations. In the second season of Cooking with Nonna, producers will be selecting recipes submitted through the website, www.cookingwithnonna.com, from Italian grandmothers in the tri-state area. These recipes will be selected by a team of trained chefs, food lovers, and Vito and Rossella.

www.cookingwithnonna.com integrates social media like Twitter and Facebook and has a blog component as well .The site features biographies, recipes, ingredients and video or still images for each guest “Nonna” highlighting the region of Italy where she is from. In addition, Nonne, who are not necessarily featured in the webisode series, will contribute to the regional recipe catalogue with their photos, biographies and recipes.

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