Bringing Honesty Back to Online Dating!

July 9, 2009

NEW YORK, July 9 /PRNewswire/ — Justin Timberlake may have brought sexy back but the new partnership between DatingHeadshots and Honesty Online is going to bring honesty back to online dating, and there’s nothing sexier than that.

DatingHeadshots and Honesty Online announce a strategic partnership to provide daters with the tools they want to make online dating more fun and successful.

Through this new partnership, DatingHeadshots and Honesty Online address two areas that have disappointed users — unreliable photos and inaccurate personal information.

DatingHeadshots, an industry leader in online dating photography, offers professional photo shoots that produce accurate, yet flattering photos to post on a dater’s profile. Honesty Online, a leader in online identity verification, provides a secure identity credential so daters can share verified personal information, such as a dater’s age.

Experienced online daters have learned that seeing is not always believing. Online personal profiles are filled with deliberate inaccuracies, omissions and lies. Some daters do it to make themselves seem more attractive while others do it for more sinister reasons. Dating fraud is a serious problem, to such an extent that it has drawn the attention of federal and state legislators.

“Online dating fraud can take all forms, from minor, such as using a 10 year old photo, to dangerous, with use of dating sites by sexual predators. Anyone that joins a dating site should post a recent photo with identity verification. They should demand the same from potential dates. Without this safety measure online daters are at risk of being scammed. That’s where this new service can help,” says Gordon Gooch, President of DatingHeadshots.

The verification package begins with a professional DatingHeadshots photo shoot. The photographer starts with verifying that the person who purchased the package is the same person sitting for the photo shoot. Next, the dater completes the Honesty Online verification process, which range from a simple identity verification to a more thorough background check. The dater then chooses their DatingHeadshots photos. Once all steps are complete, the dater will be given an Honesty Online credential containing their online dating photos.

This combined package is very empowering for online daters. For those who purchase the package, it gives them a way to let others know who they are right from the start. For daters viewing someone else’s credential, it provides an easy way to learn accurate information about a potential date.

Mark Ezra, Chief Executive Officer of Honesty Online states, “We have been approached by many different companies that claim that they can verify a person’s photo using technology. Not one of these companies provided a solution that we felt was foolproof and which we were comfortable putting our company’s reputation behind. Through our partnership with DatingHeadshots, we are thrilled to be able to give online daters that foolproof solution to ensuring that the people they are dating really match their photo and also provide daters all the protection available with an Honesty Online verification credential.”

To learn more about this combined offering, please go to: www.datingheadshots.com or www.honestyonline.com.

About DatingHeadshots Inc.

DatingHeadshots Inc. is a network of syndicated photography studios across the US and Canada, that specialize in providing premium photography services to online daters. Some of the largest online dating companies have put their trust in DatingHeadshots to provide their clients with the very best online dating photos. DatingHeadshots understands the technical requirements and aesthetic nuances of photography for online dating. For more information, please go to www.datingheadshots.com or call 866-532-2159.

About Honesty Online, LLC

Honesty Online pioneered the use of online credentialing for verifying identity and other personal information. Honesty Online’s patent-pending technology allows individuals to obtain a secure electronic credential – a virtual calling card – which may be displayed on any web page, blog, or online community. Honesty Online’s credential may include information regarding an individual’s validated personal information including name, address and date of birth, the results of a background investigation, resume confirmations including employment and education verifications, and more. Honesty Online’s electronic credential helps online communities address the problems that naturally arise from the anonymity of the Internet–misrepresentations, fraud and identity theft. With the help of Honesty Online, web sites are able to address safety concerns online and provide communities based on trust resulting in greater member attraction and retention. Honesty Online currently serves the Internet dating, social networking, online recruitment and e-commerce markets. For more information on Honesty Online visit www.honestyonline.com or call 1-877-4.HONESTY.

    Gordon Gooch
    President, DatingHeadshots
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