Silent Touch Watch Equips Home Business Owners, Parents and More with Personal Alerting System

July 14, 2009

WATERFORD, Mich., July 14 /PRNewswire/ — The demands of daily life continually call for new strategies of streamlining and efficiency. That’s particularly true for the many home-based professionals who manage the unique challenges associated with this particular work environment. For example, what does a home-based professional do during a conference call when the doorbell or house phone suddenly rings? The Signature Series Silent Touch(TM) Receiver Watch, an alerting device developed by Silent Call Communications (http://www.silentcall.com), easily resolves this conundrum.

Through pulse vibrations and a digital icon that illuminates the watch’s display, the Silent Touch Watch alerts its wearer to visitors, calls and emergencies within a 250-foot proximity. Originally designed for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, the Silent Touch Watch can be programmed to interact with phones, doorbells, smoke detectors, fire alarms, smoke alarms, and sound monitors, such as for a baby’s room. The watch is also compatible with other Silent Call Signature Series 418 Mhz transmitters.

“In the past, Silent Call has served a very specific target market, but our Silent Touch Watch is applicable to almost anyone,” says George Elwell, president of Silent Call. “The Silent Touch Watch is perfect for home-based professionals, or those who don’t want to be strapped to the house but need to know what’s going on inside it. This could be someone who spends hours in the yard doing lawn work or simply relaxing by the pool. There’s no doubt the Silent Touch Watch is a safety product, but it’s also a convenience.”

The Silent Touch Watch is even helpful to deep sleepers who don’t wake to sound but do respond to a vibration. There’s no need to wear the watch in bed — it comes with a docking-station charger that sits on a nightstand, and a bed vibrator can be plugged into it. For each type of alert, a different vibration is sent to the mattress so the sleeper can check the watch to learn the details of the alert.

“The Silent Touch Watch is the first of its kind in the world, and it really serves such an array of needs,” Elwell says. “We’re thrilled to offer it to consumers everywhere and believe it’s one of those products that people won’t want to live without.”

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About Silent Call

Since 1987, Silent Call Communications has been providing personal communications and life-enhancing systems for the deaf, deaf/blind, hard of hearing, and people out of hearing range. Silent Call is the innovator behind the Silent Touch Watch, a life-saving yet convenient tool that alerts users to visitors, calls and emergencies. Silent Call’s expertly designed products are backed by a five-year warranty.


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