July 25, 2009

Bill Gates Deletes Facebook Account

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft Corp and one of the wealthiest people in the world, was forced to give up the social networking phenomenon Facebook after too many people wanted to be his friend.

Gates told an audience in New Delhi on Saturday that he tried out Facebook but ended up with "10,000 people wanting to be my friends."

Gates, who is still the chairman of Microsoft, said that he had trouble figuring out whether he "knew this person, or did not know this person."

"It was just way too much trouble so I gave it up," Gates told the business forum.

Gates was in the Indian capital being honored for his charity work for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The foundation has committed close to one billion dollars to health and development projects in India, targeting AIDS and polio especially.

Gates also told the audience that he was "not that big at text messaging" and that he is "not a 24-hour-a-day tech person."

"I read a lot and some of that reading is not on a computer," he said.

Gates said that the information technology revolution had been "hugely beneficial."  He added, "all these tools of tech waste our time if we're not careful."


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