SmartyCard Takes Direction From Moms, Offers New Subscription Service Pricing, Better Value

July 29, 2009

SAN MATEO, Calif., July 29 /PRNewswire/ — SmartyCard(TM), the increasingly popular online games service for tweens that lets kids grades 3-6 earn their favorite rewards through one flexible virtual currency, announces three new subscription packages that make SmartyCard more affordable for families by offering better exchange rates on rewards. Propelled by multiple research projects completed in June and July, SmartyCard learned that customers and potential customers desired subscription-pricing rates so that their child’s learning and earning would not be dependent upon parents remembering to fund a child’s account. Conscientious of their 90% customer satisfaction and referral rate and high un-referred traffic rates from customer word-of-mouth, SmartyCard quickly responded and has made a basic subscription available at $6.95 per month for 5000 points. Additionally, a three-month subscription plan provides 5000 points per month and the six-month subscription plan provides 6000 points per month.

“We continue to receive overwhelmingly positive responses from parents of tweens who have experienced, first-hand, the value in our learn-and-earn platform,” said Chris Carvalho, general manager, SmartyCard. “We make time to listen to parents and educators in order to improve the SmartyCard experience. We’re proud to reveal SmartyCard subscriptions at the request of parents. And, we’re hopeful that this will help SmartyCard become a more-easily embeddable payment option in virtual world partner sites. There’s no better way to motivate kids and parents than to make the service more attractive, convenient and fun for everyone involved.”

With nearly 90% of SmartyCard rewards being virtual world subscriptions or goods, the subscription pricing recognizes that parents want children to earn screentime and SmartyCard has become a virtual world access mode for children.

Child activity funding is still available via direct payment through parent accounts and SmartyCard virtual gift cards that can be purchased and added to a child’s account at SmartyCard.com. Based on usage patterns, SmartyCard expects that parents and grandparents will continue to “top-off” accounts and make virtual card purchases throughout the year. Later this year, SmartyCard will announce final retail plans for the availability of pre-paid physical cards at major Big-box and grocery locations.

What Parents and Educators are saying about SmartyCard

“Your site is fabulous! As a parent and 5th grade teacher, I am very impressed that my daughter wants to work on academics during the summer!” – Keri, League City, Texas

“I could not be more pleased in my experience with Smartycard so far. You can be sure that I will refer my parent friends to your site.” – Kelly, Perris, California

“My son absolutely loves the website, and I do as well. What a great way to keep him up to speed on his studies so he doesn’t lose any knowledge over the summer. I’m very impressed so far.” – Deb Westford, Massachusetts

“I like SmartyCard’s concept of empowering kids to ‘earn’ their screen time and giving them pre-vetted safe spots to use the digital sandbox. Younger kids may benefit from a sense of control to boost their own ‘allowance’ through self-incentives, while giving parents a fast, easy way to see where the gaps are in core learning. I particularly like the ‘one-stop funding hub’ where parents don’t have to visit multiple sites, and would love to see SmartyCard give kids ‘premium’ rewards to incentivize sites that go beyond ‘play’ to instill positive values, philanthropy, and collaboration.” - Amy Jussel, Founder of ShapingYouth.org

I have loved SmartyCard since I first receive a demo before their launch in March. I continue to talk about and promote their service because it is a website that I think helps to motivate kids to learn and helps motivate reluctant and struggling students.” – Leticia Barr, founder of TechSavvyMama.com, Technology Magnet Coordinator for an elementary school in Maryland

About SmartyCard games

Through SmartyCard, children explore subjects via quizzes and problem sets, pursuing point values awarded according to level of difficulty and contingent upon answering seven-out-of-ten activity questions correctly. SmartyCard lesson content is homegrown and developed in partnership with several leading online educational content providers to ensure that SmartyCard games engage kids in a learning experience that encourages imaginative thinking outside of the classroom. As children learn they earn points that can be used for hundreds of rewards. Parents fund these activities by buying and depositing points directly into their child’s account. Friends, family members and parents can buy points for a child through SmartyCard virtual cards at www.SmartyCard.com.

About SmartyCard

SmartyCard is the first learn-earn-and-play experience to provide real and virtual rewards to tens of millions of families that believe learning at home can be fun and rewarding. Utilizing homegrown games and educational content from industry leaders, SmartyCard gives families the opportunity to engage in fun and interactive online games, quizzes and lessons. As kids learn, they earn and redeem points for popular rewards from popular online destinations like ClubPenguin(TM), WebKinz, Stardoll, Bella Sara, and many more. SmartyCard’s online learn-and-earn approach to education reinforces the universal value of hard work and steers children towards a lifetime of educational achievement and success. SmartyCard is a Gazillion, Inc. company. To learn more or to begin playing, visit www.smartycard.com.

SmartyCard is a trademark of Gazillion, Inc. All other trademarks and copyright terms are the property of their respective owners.

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