August 13, 2009

Microsoft Outlook Coming To Mac OSX

On Thursday, Microsoft Corp. announced that it would be including its Outlook software on its next version of Office suite for Apple Inc.'s Mac OSX operating system.

Microsoft's current Office suite includes Entourage, which is a program for sending e-mail and organizing appointments and contacts.  The new version will be available in time for the holidays in 2010 and will replace Entourage with Outlook.

Microsoft's Mac unit is building the software from scratch so it will fully be integrated with Mac's OSX.

Apple announced that it's next operating system, called Snow Leopard, will include support for Microsoft Exchange Server, which is the behind-the-scenes software that makes Outlook work.

Microsoft also announced that it will change how Office for Mac 2008 is packaged, starting in September.

The cheapest option currently available is the Home and Student Edition, which is priced at $150.  However, the company is eliminated the $400 standard version and the $500 Special Media Edition, and replacing both with a $400 Business Edition.


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