RESCUECOM’s 2009 Second Quarter Top 5 Computer Reliability Report

August 18, 2009

SYRACUSE, N.Y., Aug. 18 /PRNewswire/ — The ASUS brand of personal computers is still holding its own, ranking highest in the latest RESCUECOM Computer Reliability Report. For the second time in a row, results have shown ASUS to be the newest leader in reliable personal computers. RESCUECOM’s 2009 second-quarter assessment ranked ASUS in the number-one slot, followed by APPLE and IBM/LENOVO, which locked in the number two and three spots, respectively. Top ranking brands would likely require less computer repair than those that rank on the bottom.

“Because ASUS just introduced the newest version of the EEE laptop last fall, the original predicted computer reliability of this laptop has been somewhat up in the air,” says David A. Milman, RESCUECOM’s founder and CEO. “However, a good eight months later, we’re still receiving the fewest calls for computer repair and support with ASUS, while their market share is increasing, adding the EEE desktop to their line as well, indicating that this PC is continuing to prove itself in terms of computer reliability.”

RESCUECOM’s Computer Reliability Report was developed to provide statistical, unbiased data on the reliability of today’s major name-brand personal computers. The scores are calculated by comparing the number of computers shipped from a particular company with the number of computer repair and service calls RESCUECOM handles relative to that company’s computers. Data is collected and released on a quarterly basis.

“When it comes to buying a computer, quality of components and service by the manufacturer after the purchase play a big role in consumers’ purchasing decisions,” Milman says. “Our reports deliver the most up-to-date information, based on our ability to define and predict the anticipated reliability of today’s most popular PCs, minimizing the need for computer repair during the time you own it.”

For the second quarter of 2009, IDC reported a total of over 16 million shipped units among eight major brands. Over this same time period, RESCUECOM received 11,560 calls for computer repair and support related to these brands. “Computer Reliability” is based on two key measures, including the quality of the components and software that’s used in manufacturing the computer, and the post-sale support that’s provided by the manufacturer to its customers. The higher the score, the greater the reliability of the brand. The top five contenders and their computer reliability scores are as follows:

  1. ASUS (416)
  2. APPLE (394)
  3. IBM/LENOVO (314)
  4. TOSHIBA (218)
  5. HP/COMPAQ (142)

The following data was used to calculate reliability scores for the Computer Reliability Report, 2Q 2009.

    Manufacturer     U.S. Computer        RESCUECOM Computer      Computer
                     Market Share         Repair Share            Reliability
                     (percentage of       (number of service      Score
                      computers shipped)   calls to

    ASUS                   2.5%                 0.6%               416
    APPLE                  8.7%                 2.2%               394
    IBM/LENOVO             4.2%                 1.3%               314
    TOSHIBA                7.6%                 3.5%               218
    HP/COMPAQ             25.6%                18.1%               142

    Data Source: IDC


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    Josh Kaplan

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