August 20, 2009

Record Label Seeks Retaliation Against Hackers

Record label SyCo and music trade body IFPI announced that they have called police to help track down computer hackers that leaked a track by Leona Lewis and Justin Timberlake on the Internet.

The song "Don't Let me Down" is considered to be the first single off of a major release album for Lewis, according to the Sun newspaper.

"IFPI is working with SyCo and law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and Europe to trace the individuals who stole the Leona Lewis/Justin Timberlake track," said Jeremy Banks, head of IFPI's Internet Anti-Piracy Unit.

"The police investigation is ongoing," he said in a statement. "Such pre-release leaks, however they are sourced, are highly damaging to our members who invest considerable budgets in marketing and promoting music ahead of release."

The music industry has seen revenues drop in recent years during a time when Internet piracy has grown and millions still download music illegally.

SyCo is music promoter and television talent show judge Simon Cowell's division of Sony Music Entertainment.

Lewis won a British show in 2006 called "The X Factor" and her single "Spirit" from her debut album has topped the charts around the world.  Her second album is expected to release in November.


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