Himfr.com Compares the Nokia 5800XM and 5530XM Mobile Phones

August 27, 2009

BEIJING, Aug. 27 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Himfr.com, one of China’s leading
B2B search platforms with more than 30 B2B industry websites to its name,
compares the Nokia 5800 and 5530XM mobile phones.

What are the differences between the 5530XM and 5800XM?

In terms of size, the Nokia 5530XM is 104 x 49 x 13 mm, which is
significantly smaller than the 5800XM. The 5800XM may be especially hard to
hold, especially for female users, while with the 5530XM is significantly
different, with a compact, sleek design that is easy to grasp with one hand,
and more portable at 107 grams.

The handset of the 5530XM has an innovative large-scale mesh design at the
top of the screen, which makes it easy for users to identify the location of
the handset. In addition, both are equipped with a proximity sensor, which can
automatically deduce the distance between the face and cell phone screen. If
the face is close to the screen, the phone screen automatically closes and
locks, effectively preventing misoperation caused by the face touching the
screen. When the face is away from the screen, the screen turns on
automatically, allowing users to operate the phone easily, which is very user-
friendly. At present, many high-end phones are beginning to have proximity
sensors, which can really provide a very good experience for users. Besides
the sensor, there are XpressMusic keys, which can bring up the XpressMedia
sidebar, a fast-activated music player with other multimedia functions. The
5530XM does not feature a front camera because it does not have 3G to support
video calls, only GSM. The 5800XM has a front camera in the 3G version.

Both phones have a touch screen that supports 16.7 million colors, with a
display resolution of 640×360. Because the 5530XM screen size is 2.9 inches,
which is smaller than the 3.2 inches of the 5800XM, the same resolution on the
smaller 5530XM appears more delicate. As far as the color display, it is also
more accurate; the screen of the 5800XM has a slight bluish cast.

In terms of display, the 3.2-inch 5800XM has a slight advantage over the
2.9-inch 5530XM.

In terms of the body of the phone, the two phones are made of unique
materials: the 5800XM has a body that resembles frosted wood, which is a
pleasing texture, and is also highly resistant to scratching. The 5530XM has a
mirror-smooth design. Although it looks bright, the texture is not very
pleasing, and it is relatively easy to scratch.

Looking at battery capacity, the 5800XM takes a slightly larger 1320mAh
lithium-ion battery, while the thinner and lighter 5530XM takes a 1000mAh
battery. Because the 5800XM has a bigger screen, power capacity is more

Himfr has determined that they have gained a relatively thorough
understanding of these two models after comparing the appearance, interface
design, interface, functions and other features of the two phones. Each model
has its own advantages.

Although the 5800XM has the bigger screen, which can offer a wider control
area and a better display, it does not measure up to the 5530XM in terms of
portability and single-handed operation, which is more important for female
users. In terms of function, the 5530XM has an improved main screen that
provides users with more convenient applications, but it lacks a 3G model and
GPS functions which would be important to high-end users.

At present the difference in price between these two models is not great,
and female users who might prefer a small and portable phone and do not care
about 3G applications or GPS functions can choose the 5530XM; male users are
perhaps more likely to favor the 5800XM.

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