August 31, 2009

LG Announces Organic LED TV

LG Electronics said on Sunday that it is launching a 15-inch television next month that uses organic display technology.

Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AM-OLED) displays have a better picture quality, consume less power and are thinner than the popular LCD displays that need backlight units.  The AM-OLED uses self-glowing materials.

These displays have been kept from being mass-produced because of their higher price to create.  OLED screens are making their way into the high-end phone market, but costs to apply the technology for PCs and TVs are still prohibitive.

Sony Corp. launched its first OLED in 2007, but it has yet to follow up with new models.

LG, which is the world's second-biggest TV brand, said that it would unveil its 15-inch AM-OLED TV at the IFA 2009 consumer electric show in Berlin in September.  This will be the biggest OLED TV to hit the market so far.

The television set would be commercialized in Korea in November, but will be offered overseas by next year, according to the company.

DisplaySearch, a research firm, said the market for OLED TVs will reach 2.33 million units in 2013.  LG said that it expects 320,000 units will be sold in 2011.

"We are planning to unveil a 40-inch grade (OLED) product in a not too distant future," LG quoted an executive as saying.


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