Progress on Scale Up Production of 3″ SiC Wafer by TankeBlue

August 31, 2009

BEIJING, Aug. 31 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — TankeBlue Semiconductor Co. Ltd., a
pioneer in the SiC industry of the Asia-pacific region, has recently scaled-up
production of high quality 3″ SiC wafers. Early this year, TankeBlue lowered
its 2″ wafers’ price to a record level in response to the increasing market
demands of SiC customers worldwide. Currently, it can supply, in lager scale,
conductive n-type 3″ 4H-SiC wafers with a micro-pipe density below 10 cm-2, a
key quality parameter for applications. The other key quality parameters, such
as the resistivity (less than 0.03 ohm.cm), the full width at the half maximum
(FWHM: 30 arcsec) of X-ray rocking curve, of the 3″ 4H-SiC wafer also make the
wafer quality very competitive compared to other suppliers from the United
and Europe. In addition, the wafer processing quality of the SiC wafers
is proven to be epi-ready, excellent for growth of GaN and/or SiC epi-layers
on the SiC wafer. The SiC devices, such as the Schottky barrier diode, metal
semiconductor / oxide field effect transistor, processed on the wafer by
customers, have demonstrated high performance comparable with those on SiC
wafers from other suppliers. It is clear that this makes TankeBlue a new
supply source of 3″ SiC wafers and, surely, it is a welcome move for the
worldwide SiC semiconductor community.

As is well known, the silicon-based semiconductor devices are difficult to
operate at temperatures above 523 K. This limits the functions and
applications of silicon-based devices. Due to its excellent thermal and
electrical properties, the n-type SiC wafer is an ideal substrate for
fabricating SiC power devices in high-temperature, high-power,
high-frequency and high-radiation applications and for energy saving
requirements. The company’s efforts on development of 4″ SiC crystal growth in
order to become one of the major players on wafer market are already on the

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