August 31, 2009

Toyota Motor Creating Breathalyzer For Cars

On Monday, Toyota Motor announced that it was developing anti-drunk driving equipment that would lock the ignition of a vehicle if high levels of alcohol were detected in the driver.

Toyota said in a statement that the system has a hand-held breathalyzer that includes a camera, which detects alcohol consumption and photographs the driver's face for identification.

According to the company, if the driver tests positive for alcohol, then the system either warns him or her, or locks the vehicle's ignition depending on the level of alcohol detected.

Toyota is testing the device with truck maker Hino Motors.  They will install the equipment in selected trucks and other vehicles of fleet customers that include companies and government organizations.

Toyota said that the device would alert fleet administrators if the drivers were detected to have excessive alcohol levels.

In the U.S., certain states passed legislation this year that requires drunk driving offenders to install breathalyzer ignition locks in their cars.


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