September 1, 2009

Latest Apple Event Attracting Hype

On Monday, Apple Inc. announced that they would be hosting a media event on September 9, where the tech giant is expected to give a preview of its newest line of iPod media players.

Apple has not yet disclosed which new products it will be showing off at the event.  Members of the media received an invitation this week bearing a picture of an iPod and the Rolling Stone's famous chorus line, "It's only rock and roll, but we like it."

The next new iPod will follow the 2005 iPod Nano and the 2007 iPod Touch, both of which will be hard acts to follow.  Industry experts say that both the new Nano and the Touch could come equipped with a digital camera, adding that the Touch may even get a video camera.

Despite the general economic slump that has managed to slow growth in nearly every sector, Apple continues to maintain a firm command over the market for media players.  In the second quarter of this year, the company sold some 10.2 million iPods, a decrease of roughly 7 percent compared with a year ago, but still representing a dominant lead over their market rivals.

The company has demonstrated an uncanny media savvy in recent years, one aspect of which has included glitzy, super-hyped media events preceding the release of almost all new products.

The anticipation surrounding next week's event may be even higher than usual, as rumors continue to circulate that Apple Chief Executive and founder Steve Jobs may make his first public appearance since returning from medical leave.  Jobs had been on medical leave since January of this year after receiving a liver transplant.  He returned to work in late June, but has thus far refrained from making public appearances.

Spokesmen from the company have neither confirmed nor denied expectations that he will be present at the event.

In addition to the freshly tweaked iPods, Apple is also expected to give a preview of the newest version of its iTunes media software.  A number of Apple aficionados are also expectantly hoping for a sneak peek at the company's highly-anticipated (though not officially confirmed) tablet device that has already been dubbed "iPad."  Company experts say, however, that fans shouldn't hold their breath, adding that the product will not likely be revealed until sometime next year.

The event will is scheduled to take place Wednesday at San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater.


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