LocatePLUS Announces Pen-Link Certification

September 2, 2009

BEVERLY, Mass., Sept. 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — LocatePLUS Holdings Corporation (OTC Pink Sheets: LPHC), a prominent supplier of investigative solutions including data-subject location characteristics and personal contact information announced today the completion of a certification process with Pen-Link, Ltd., a leading supplier to law enforcement of equipment and software for electronic communication surveillance and analysis.

Pen-Link products provide to law enforcement and homeland security authorities the technology and support essential for successful surveillance of a broad spectrum of electronic communication pathways including wireline, wireless, VoIP, 3G, and IP. Kevin Pope, President of Pen-Link stated, “Pen-Link products continue to set the standard in the world of electronic surveillance and analysis, and this latest venture with LocatePLUS is in keeping with that tradition. LocatePLUS is a leader in telephone subscriber intelligence, something of great importance to our customers, so this pairing makes perfect sense. We’re excited to partner with LocatePLUS in bringing this new capability to Pen-Link users.” Under the certification, Pen-Link products will now provide to law enforcement clients an infrastructure access point to LocatePLUS data for immediate use in strategic assessment and further investigation of intelligence derived from both electronic monitoring of live communications and analysis of historical communications.

LocatePLUS holds current and historical data on 98% of the adult population of the United States. The data is cross-referenced and rapidly searchable via the company’s proprietary methods and can provide a wide range of location characteristics and personal contact information even with incomplete or partial inquiry information. Geoffrey Lee, President and CEO of LocatePLUS observed: “Sometimes the most difficult or significant criminal investigations are resolved successfully because of the smallest lead or piece of information. With real time access to the LocatePLUS database, even partial or incomplete information will be immediately useful by yielding investigative avenues such as names, addresses, cell or telephone numbers, prior residences and associations, email addresses, motor vehicle records, and driver’s license records all formatted to reveal links to additional relevant investigative data.”

Under the certification, Pen-Link law enforcement clients will now be able to access LocatePLUS data directly through the Pen-Link User Interface and a new Pen-Link product called Pen-Proxy. “Pen-Link is widely used and respected by the intelligence and law enforcement communities. The FBI, DEA, ATF, Secret Service, U.S. Marshals, Department of Homeland Security, state investigative agencies, and hundreds of police and sheriff’s departments use Pen-Link products. Pen-Link Certification streamlines availability of LocatePLUS to law enforcement by placing the LocatePLUS product line side-by-side with the Pen-Link product line. Pen-Link certification immediately creates a very significant number of point-of-sale opportunities and places our product at eye level. We anticipate a significant positive revenue impact,” said Geoff Lee.

“We are honored to continue to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our law enforcement and intelligence agency partners,” said James Ahearn, LocatePLUS Board member and former FBI agent and senior manager. “We are privileged to be relied upon to enhance intelligence information, improve investigative analysis, and to combat crime. Our data helps to streamline investigations, increase efficiency, improve performance, and save money. We share many common goals with Pen-Link and we appreciate their designation of LocatePLUS as a partner in this vital work.”

About LocatePLUS

LocatePLUS is an industry-leading provider of investigative solutions currently used in homeland security, anti-terrorism, and crime fighting initiatives. The Company acquires and synthesizes public information in a cross-referenced, searchable database integrated in a proprietary manner that provides rapid and efficient access via Internet and other media to comprehensive personal and location characteristics on data subjects even when inquiry information is partial or incomplete.

The Company estimates that it holds current and historical data on nearly 98% of the adult population of the United States as recorded in the 2000 census. This information can include names, addresses, telephone numbers, cell phone numbers, email addresses, dates of birth, social security numbers, prior residences, and, in certain circumstances, real estate holdings, recorded bankruptcies, liens, judgments, driver’s license data, motor vehicle records, and more from multiple sources formatted to reveal links to related data useful in investigations. The information is maintained in one of the largest and most comprehensive XML data sources of its kind.

LocatePLUS and its subsidiaries serve 13,500 security-sensitive clients across a spectrum of interests from government to security and fraud conscious private concerns such as human resources, legal, and financial professionals as well as the collections industry, and even dating services. Over 2,000 law enforcement agencies and many major police departments across the country are among the Company’s client base.

For more information, visit the Company’s Website at http://www.locateplus.com.

About Pen-Link, Ltd.

In business for over 20 years, Pen-Link, Ltd. provides Law Enforcement and Intelligence agencies with state-of-the-art software and systems for the collection, storage, and analysis of both live and historical telephonic- and IP-based communications. Pen-Link’s software and systems — Pen-Link 8, LINCOLN, and Xnet — are broadly recognized as industry standards, with thousands of licensed Law Enforcement and Intelligence users in federal, state, and local agencies worldwide. Pen-Link systems are widely favored because they not only excel at intelligence gathering and live collection, but they also bring to bear a powerful suite of reporting and analytical tools; the type of functionality that is essential in drilling down through today’s extensive data sets to reveal relationships that might otherwise go undetected.

For more information about Pen-Link, Ltd. and their products, please visit http://www.penlink.com

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