September 3, 2009

Snuppy’s Puppies Offered For Public Sale

South Korean researchers said on Thursday that puppies from the world's first cloned dog would be offered to good homes later this year.

The litter contained three males and six female pups fathered by an Afghan hound that was cloned in 2005 named Snuppy.  The dad's cloning was lead by Professor Lee Byung-Chun of Seoul National University.

Snuppy impregnated two cloned female dogs of the same breed through artificial insemination, which was an experiment to test the reproductive ability of cloned dogs.  The offspring were born in May last year.

"All the puppies are in very good health," Lee told journalists. The university's veterinary college will receive on-line applications through its home page starting on October 31.

"We'll study the applications and distribute the puppies to those who are fond of pets and capable of raising them well," Lee said.

The same team also produced the world's first cloned wolves in 2005.  However, one of the wolves died in late August from an infection.


Image Caption: Snuppy is the first cloned dog in the world. This Afghan Hound clone was created by Hwang Woo-Suk and his team of scientists at the Seoul National University (SNU) in South Korea. The name "Snuppy" is a combination of "SNU" and "puppy." Seoul National University


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