September 5, 2009

Car Crash Video Attracts Attention On YouTube

An explicit British police video about the perils of texting while driving has become a huge hit on YouTube.

The four-minute video of a shocking car crash has been viewed millions of times on the site.

It fictitiously portrays a 17-year-old girl named Cassie Cowan who is responsible for an accident because she was texting while driving.

The video consists of detailed scenes of her two friends being thrown about in Cowan's car and two parents in an oncoming car being killed, as observers try to help.

The film, made by a local police force, cost only 16,300 dollars to produce and was meant to be displayed only locally. Surprisingly, it has gathered attention globally, with the US media covering the internet sensation.

"It has had a massive global reaction," said local actress Jenny Davies, 18, who portrays Cowan. "It is really important that it is as realistic as possible as (otherwise) people are not going to believe it and it is not going to affect people.

"Even though people say it is shocking and gory, it is important it is like that. For people my age, that is what I think affects us."

On texting behind the wheel, she noted that: "I think people are finally realizing how dangerous it is."

The UK Police group from Gwent wants it to be "the film that will stop you texting and driving."

"Seeing a scenario, like the one Cassie goes through, played out right before your eyes makes you realize how extremely dangerous it can be and what devastating consequences it can have," said Chief Inspector John Pavett.

"I hope that after watching this film motorists will think twice before picking up their mobile phone when behind the wheel, and realize that a quick reply to a text message or answering a phone call is never worth putting theirs and other people's lives at risk."


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