eSobi Podcast Engages Users with Compelling Rich-media Content

September 8, 2009

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Sept. 8 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — esobi Inc., an innovative
Internet information navigator, announced addition of “podcast” features to
its existing multi-functional Internet application. With this upgrade*, eSobi
users can always stay informed with audio and video online content, as well as
enjoy entertainment on-demand from all over the world in the easy-to-manage
interface of eSobi Podcast.

eSobi has long been known for its simple and user-friendly design for
Internet information searching and management. It is also the only multi-
purpose client software in the market that combines a newsreader, web search,
information library and a web browser window all in one interface. The newly
launched podcast feature offers extra rich-media web resources by aggregating
audio and video content that can be played immediately in the embedded Windows
Media Player. Once a podcast file is downloaded and saved into a playlist,
users can watch or listen to them offline without any trouble, even on the go.

“As podcasting has turned into a popular way to receive audio and video
web content, eSobi strives to make it more convenient and friendly for users
to enjoy the free rich-media resources, while allowing them to navigate the
web efficiently in the same interface,” said Wen Lee, chairman of esobi Inc.
“eSobi Podcast sets another milestone in the integration of popular web
applications that makes obtaining knowledge and entertainment online easy and
accessible for everyone, no matter if you are a power user or new to the

eSobi Podcast also comes with a Media Lounge, a collection of audio and
video podcast channels covering a captivating mix of music, movies, comedy,
financial news, games & hobbies, family & parenting, kids, sports, fashion &
beauty, technology, arts, and of course, language learning. It means users do
not need to be a podcast expert or manually search for podcast files before
starting enjoying this feature. Watching and listening to podcasts on eSobi is
just a simple click away. What’s better, eSobi Podcast supports OPML format,
which means users can import or backup multiple podcast feeds at once without
the hassle of having to do it one by one.

To learn more about eSobi, please visit http://www.esobi.com or connect
with eSobi hot news and fun ideas on Twitter at http://twitter.com/eSobiNews
or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/esobi/53922843263 .

*Users of the eSobi retail version will receive a free upgrade to include
the podcast features. eSobi News Center (Acer PC users only) will receive a
special discount for the upgrade.

About esobi Inc.

esobi Inc., founded in 2006, has concentrated on delivering innovative
Internet & mobile solutions for information management to its end-users. Acer,
the third largest computer manufacturer in the world, has chosen esobi Inc. as
its OEM partner, preloading the eSobi software on all its personal computers
worldwide. eSobi has also been introduced with Transcend flash drives and MSI
mainboards, providing customers with greater convenience in integrated data
gathering and management.

About eSobi

eSobi is a powerful yet easy-to-use Internet tool designed to make surfing
the web more efficient and productive. With its convenient all-in-one
interface, users can search, view, save, edit, organize, and share web pages
as well as podcast files without having to open multiple applications and
folders. eSobi personalizes and simplifies the way Internet information is
processed, so users can effectively acquire useful resources online to boost
productivity in everyday life.

    -- Channel Subscription
       * Subscribe to hundreds of RSS channels to have the latest news
         headlines delivered straight to you.
    -- Channel Watch & News Filter
       * Set keywords to easily track news articles of your interests or
         single out articles from your news subscriptions.
    -- Multiple View Modes & Offline Readability
       * Read articles the way you prefer -- Full page, Summary, or Text-only,
         anywhere, anytime.
    -- Integrated Keyword Search
       * Search for more information regarding the article you are reading
         with one-click Smart Search.

    -- Podcast Subscription
       * Enjoy free rich-media Internet content by subscribing to thousands
         of podcast files available online.
    -- Integrated Windows Media Player
       * Watch or listen to digital audio and video content instantly with
         the built-in media player; no more switch between application
    -- Download Manager
       * Schedule episode downloads and allocate bandwidth for better
         Internet performance.
    -- Playlist
       * Drag and drop interested podcast files to playlists and start
         enjoying personalized Internet broadcasts at any time.

    -- Smart Search
       * Retrieve search results from Google, Yahoo and Bing simultaneously
         without duplicates and refine your search by language, country or
         type to get the best results.
    -- Keyword Proposition & Search Result Filter
       * Refine search queries by the two-tier keyword lists suggested by
         eSobi's auto-algorithmic analysis or the keywords of your own
    -- Search History Log
       * One-click to store and retrieve the entire search records to read at
         a later time.
    -- Keyword Highlighting
       * Identify specific information in a web page instantly using
         highlight color.
    -- Automatic RSS feeds detection
       * Get automatic RSS notification while searching the web and subscribe
         to new feeds with a simple click.

    -- Scrapbook
       * Save and categorize web pages articles with a simple click - no more
         "Save As."
    -- Editing Tools & Document Filter
       * Take notes on saved web pages with a built-in document editor;
         modify article titles or summaries as needed for better information
    -- File Management
       * Share web resources with friends and families via email or import
         work files for central management.

    Global Support
    -- 15 Languages Support
       * English, French, German, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Finnish, Czech,
         Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese,
         and Simplified Chinese.
    -- 22 Default Regional RSS Channels & Resource Center
       * Don't know what to subscribe? eSobi is pre-configured with plenty of
         news channels covering all types of topics for your reference.
    -- Regional Search Engines
       * Submit search requests directly to one of the global search engines
         for more specific results.


     PR & Partnership
     Email: press@esobi.com
     Tel:   +886-2-23660005

     Sales & OEM
     Email: sales@esobi.com

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