WI Harper, a Leading Venture Capital Firms, and WISeKey, a New Champion of the World Economic Forum, Announced Today in Dalian, China, a Deal to Establish a Joint Venture in China

September 11, 2009

GENEVA and DALIAN, People’s Republic of China, September 11 /PRNewswire/
– In a bid to bring leading digital identity solutions to China’s large and
quickly developing economy, WISeKey and WI Harper, one of China’s most
successful venture capital firms, today signed a letter of intent to
collaborate on developing business opportunities in China.

The agreement between Geneva-based WISeKey with WI Harper, a leading
venture capital firm with offices in Beijing, Taipei, and San Francisco, is
designed to open the Chinese telecom, mobile, and digital media industry to
WISeKey eSecurity technologies.

The agreement is aimed at creating convergence in the electronic identity
ecosystem in China by offering WISeKey’s expertise in value added services
and products to the growing user community of digital identification for
electronic identity cards, electronic tokens, biometric devices, mobile
operators, and SIM identification.

“WISeKey is very excited about the prospect of helping China deploy
digital ID security technologies and solutions on a large scale,” said Carlos
, WISeKey’s chairman and CEO. “We will draw heavily on WISeKey’s
experience in working with small and large businesses, consumers, and
regulators to help make our partnership with WI Harper a great success.”

Peter Liu, chairman of WI Harper, said WISeKey’s strong knowledge of the
growing digital security market and issues was the key attraction.

“We are very happy to work with a New Champion of the World Economic
Forum in helping their technology to be deployed in China,” Liu said. “We
believe WISekey’s experience in the area of digital security will have a
significant impact in China when it is combined with local manufacturing and
electronics industry.”

    Dimitry Leger
    Corporate Communications Director
    WISeKey SA
    Tel.: +41-22-594-30-00
    E-Mail: dleger@wisekey.com


Source: newswire

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